Can you match these airplane scenes to the correct sitcom?

Time to fly the funny skies!

Come fly with Me! 

Sitcoms love a good vacation plot. Studios have to put those airplane interior sets to use. No wonder every show seems to have an episode centered around flying.

We grabbed some of our favorites. See if you can match these scenes to the correct series! Bon voyage!

  1. Who is arriving in Hawaii for a vacation?
  2. They said farewell aboard a plane.
  3. That's a lot of leg room.
  4. Not everyone can fly first class.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  5. He is flying to Washington on business.
  6. Hollywood, here they come.
  7. Heading home after a long European trip.
  8. This airport is located in which town?
  9. She was dressed up to attend stewardess school.
  10. Recognize any passengers on this flight?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  11. This episode was called "Superflyer."
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  12. Was the "F" in TGIF for "flying"?
    Image: Warner Bros.

Can you match these airplane scenes to the correct sitcom?

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Lillyrose 3 days ago
11 out of 12. Speaking of "Newhart" and "Perfect Strangers," will they air on MeTV? Best shows of the 80's!
SashaPayneDiaz 6 days ago
12/12 But #12 was a total lucky guess....never watched ANY of the 3 shows so I could have just as easily crashed & burned on that one.
a1k9 8 days ago
This one was a very easy quiz.
Fred_Clampett 9 days ago
12 of 12. Almost missed the last one tho. Almost said Full House.
FLETCH 10 days ago
12 out of 12...found this one easy
JDnHuntsvilleAL 12 days ago
I don't think #8 is exactly right. Hooterville was too small to have an airport like that. More than likely that was the Pixley airport.
FLETCH JDnHuntsvilleAL 10 days ago
I almost didnt pick Hooterville for that very reason but picked it anyway and woohoo :)
PINKYLEE 16 days ago
12 of 12! I'm giving Jethro Bodine a run for his money with my giant brain. :)
BobD 17 days ago
12/12.....'cause I work for an airline!
cabugi 17 days ago
12 of 12 ... shocked that I remembered Perfect Strangers.
TheDavBow3 17 days ago
12/12!!! Yay!!! Thank Goodness for very extremely obvious pictures!!
Minnie212 17 days ago
11/12 Never watched perfect Strangers...
Wenatchee7 18 days ago
12/12 Way to easy, kept waiting for some obscure show but thank goodness there wasn't one.
JHP 18 days ago
Aunt Bee flying a an about true TV fiction...she cant even catch a fish
hermanstein2015 18 days ago
You got 8 out of 12
Looks like you dozed off in a couple of those. We understand — you take whatever sleep you can get on a plane.
I've never been on a plane.
MrBill 19 days ago
12/12; easy and enjoyable quiz.
savoycheer 20 days ago
11/12, missed Perfect Strangers. However, I never heard of this series.
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