Can you pass this Adam-12 fan quiz?

How well do you know this classic police procedural?

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Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

The classic cop show Adam-12 really earned the term "procedural." It portrayed the ins and outs of police procedures and even employed a real LAPD dispatcher to provide the voice for the dispatcher on the show! From the mundane to the dangerous to the downright weird, Officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy faced it all.

Now you’re faced with 25 fun Adam-12 trivia questions. Can you get them all?

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  1. When did Adam-12 premiere?
  2. In “Log 1: The Impossible Mission” which event caused Officer Pete Malloy to consider leaving the force?
  3. A "Code 211" is what type of radio call?
  4. In "Log 15: Exactly 100 Yards" Officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy volunteer for which event?
  5. In "Log 105: Elegy for a Pig" who played Officer Pete Malloy's colleague and close friend Officer Tom Porter?
  6. In "Anniversary" who is Officer Jim Reed buying an anniversary gift for?
  7. The episode "Lost and Found" crossed over with which television show?
  8. In "Harbor Division" what type of tickets was Officer Pete Malloy selling?
  9. In "Venice Division" Officers Reed and Malloy engage in "high speed" pursuit with what?
  10. In "Excessive Force" what action is Officer Pete Malloy reprimanded for?
  11. In "Dana Hall" who played Officer Jim Reed's temporary partner Officer Dana Hall?
  12. In the series finale ("Something Worth Dying For: Part II") which action earns Officer Jim Reed the Medal of Honor?
  13. In "Badge Heavy" Officer Jim Reed reports fellow officer Charlie Burnside for which action?
  14. In "Ladies' Night" who played Officer Pete Malloy's dinner date Judy?
  15. In "Log 26: LEMRAS" what does the acronym LEMRAS stand for?
  16. In "Capture" what was slippery burglar Reno West's modus operandi (M.O.)?
  17. Jed Allan who played Burglar Reno West hosted a program both Martin Milner (Pete Malloy) and Kent McCord (Jim Reed) appeared on. Which program was it?
  18. Which distinguished guest did Officers Reed and Malloy ride with in "Clear with a Civilian: Parts I and II"?
  19. In "Log 73: I’m Still a Cop" what does Officer Pete Malloy do to earn the wrath of radicals at a local college?
  20. In "Log 132: Producer" what does Officer Jim Reed try to pawn off on others?
  21. In the episode "Roll Call" which fellow officer do Officers Reed and Malloy aid?
  22. Shaaron Claridge leant her real-life, professional experience to which role in Adam-12?
  23. What is a Code 7?
  24. In the episode "Gus Corbin" which future Hollywood star played Officer Jim Reed's temporary partner Officer Gus Corbin?
  25. Adam-12's last episode aired when?

Can you pass this Adam-12 fan quiz?

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DBrooks067 11 days ago
Didn't miss one. Adam-12 is my favorite show. When I was growing up my favorite t.v. shows were Adam-12, Emergency, Police Story and Dragnet. Which is what put me on the path to public service. I later became a Firefighter/Paramedic and went through the Police academy to become a Sheriffs deputy and later a SWAT Medic. Never get rid of these shows METV.
Toot1956 20 days ago
23/25 luv dat show, the reason for my career choice.
cseeley90 Toot1956 17 days ago
Thank you for your service!
MikeFranklin 21 days ago
22/25. One of my favorites and missed 3? Missed 3, 11, 15. This could have been a hour show. Just a really great show back then. Great cast. Like Malloy more than Reed. Nothing compares to this show today. Actually loved Dragnet, Adam 12 and Emergency. They were really great and relevant even today.
David 21 days ago
You got 25 out of 25
Did you cruise through this quiz or did you need help from a partner?
cseeley90 David 17 days ago
Well done! Time to go Code 7.
RedSamRackham 22 days ago
Unlike DRAGNET on Adam 12 we never got a final epilogue telling us what became of the criminals they arrested. The show just went abruptly to closing credits. ♣
varep81861 23 days ago
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Mikecole230 23 days ago
I thought I knew more guess not!!!
Bird 24 days ago
Fantastic quiz! Really enjoyed this one. Well done, Christopher!
cseeley90 Bird 22 days ago
Thank you!
savoycheer 24 days ago
16/25, missed No. 5 & 21 due to not reading the choices close enough. Live and learn. Still a great tv show.
KSquared 24 days ago
You got 25 out of 25
Did you cruise through this quiz or did you need help from a partner?
SatchDobrey 24 days ago
20 out of 25 - I remember the question about the high speed chase but didn't recall the pumpkin one as high speed.
kkvegas SatchDobrey 23 days ago
The pumpkin chase was definitely low speed. Interesting bit of trivia about that episode: The woman driving the car with the pumpkin was played by Erin Fleming, Groucho Marx's companion at the end of his life. She was accused of taking advantage of him, suffered from mental illness, and eventually took her own life.
cseeley90 SatchDobrey 22 days ago
That's why I put quotations around high speed. I think Reed could have caught it on foot though.
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