Can you name these celebrity guest stars on 'ALF'?

Athletes, actors and studio execs all showed up alongside the alien.

ALF was far more than an alien who crash-landed in a random family's backyard. He was an aspiring comic and television writer. That's why the 1980s sitcom so often featured dream sequences and fantasy TV-shows-within-the-TV-show. 

All sorts of celebrities showed up on the NBC comedy. Well, 1980s celebrities. These people were household names back in the day. See if you can name them right now.

Good luck!
  1. ALF was not the only little buddy.
  2. He was the voice of Shaggy.
  3. Heeere's this guy. Who is he?
  4. ALF was a regular on Hollywood Squares in the 1980s. So was this sitcom veteran.
  5. He was a star on the field, not Broadway.
  6. The 'CHiPs' star on the left has a son starring in current blockbusters.
  7. She could fly, she could fly, she could fly.
  8. Who is this smart guy?
  9. This doctor was seemingly in everything in the '80s.
  10. This impressionist was a regular guest on talk shows.
  11. She would eventually get her own sitcom.
  12. This young comic would go on to SNL and movie stardom.
  13. He was the president of the NBC network and the man who put ALF on the air.

Can you name these celebrity guest stars on 'ALF'?

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ndebrabant 67 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
You nailed it! Even the big hair of the 1980s couldn't disguise those famous faces.
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