Can you name the sci-fi smash from the poster?

See if you can conquer the stars.

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Science fiction is where all of our aspirations and fears meet, where humankind's vision of the future is trumped only by humankind's folly.

So, how big of a sci-fi fan are you, anyway? Do you know your robot movies from your alien movies?

We've gone to great lengths to obscure the titles of these ten great sci-fi movies so that you can guess what they're named. Give it a shot, and share your score and thoughts in the comment section below!

  1. We're going chronologically. This one is from 1954.
  2. Here's a classic from '56. What's it called?
  3. 1956 must've been a good year. What's this movie titled?
  4. If we jump two years to '58, can you tell us what this movie is called?
  5. 1968 saw the release of this movie, titled _________________
  6. Can you name this 1970 sequel?
  7. Name this sci-fi flick from 1976, please!
  8. 1985 saw this release of this movie, which has what for a title?
  9. In 1987, we saw Schwarzenegger in this sci-fi movie, but what's the name?
  10. For our final question, a sci-fi movie that is just as good as a satire. What's the name?

Can you name the sci-fi smash from the poster?

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