Can you guess which Western these Christmas kids are from?

These young actors embodied the spirit of the holiday in TV’s Old West.

To paraphrase a classic tune, the holiday season brings joy to kids from 1 to 92. But children much younger than 92 often play a special role in Christmas entertainment, whether in a Charles Dickens story or an Old West adventure.

Here are ten Christmas episodes from TV Westerns all centered around young’uns. Can you guess which series each kid is in?

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  1. Johnny Crawford starred in this Christmas episode of...
  2. This young boy asks a Christmas favor of which Western hero?
  3. This boy was part of a Christmas scam in which Western?
  4. These kids hear a yuletide story in...
  5. This young actor was a main character in which Western?
  6. This Santa beard isn't fooling anyone in...
  7. This boy played Tiny Tim for a Christmas Carol stage production in which Western?
  8. This young girl was part of a Christmas episode of...
  9. Before he was a menace named Dennis, Jay North made a Christmas wish in...
  10. An Oscar-winner and two sitcom stars all appeared in the same Christmas episode of...

Can you guess which Western these Christmas kids are from?

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RedSamRackham 3 months ago
* 80% Score! Yippee yi yo ki-yay!
retro6 4 months ago
9/10. Jay North one got me but I knew the rest!
grandpa5741 14 months ago
6/10 Merry Miss-Mess to me. 🤓
Gayleistoons 15 months ago
8/10....Rudi Huxtable 🤗🤗🤗🤗
JLating 15 months ago
Would like to see the real McCoy’s enjoyed that show.
BrentwoodJon JLating 14 months ago
I don't remember a xmas show on The Real McCoy's ?
William386 15 months ago
I think that I done a very good job on here with triva William Brian mccloud
15 months ago
I would love it is MeTV did a Dick Clark tribute for NYE!!
Chavella13 15 months ago
8/10 not as bad as I thought 😉
JHP 15 months ago
6/10 no surprise since I dont watch any of those shows:)

happy safe holidays to all - that's what counts - IF I would have gotten 10/10 it would be free Bay View pickled herring for NYE - YUK! but I am in a minority
BrentwoodJon JHP 14 months ago
and you must be really young ?
JHP BrentwoodJon 14 months ago
dont care for pickled fish:)

am on the low side of 60 - born in '59
Martanrick1975 15 months ago
9/10 missed #9, never seen Jay North on any other show, but I bet he was good 👍🏼
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