Can you guess what decade these classic convertible car ads are from?

Throw the top down and cruise through this convertible quiz!

Convertibles aren't for everyone (or, well, every climate), but on a sunny summer day, they're hard to beat. Whether it's an open-air Jeep, a two-seater coupe, or even a pick-up truck, all kinds of convertibles have been produced over the years.

Here are vintage car advertisements from the 1950s through the 1980s. Can you guess what decade each convertible is from?

  1. What decade is this ad from?
    Image: Mercury
  2. Khan himself Ricardo Montalbán posed for this Chrysler ad in the...
    Image: Chrysler
  3. This fun fun fun T-Bird ad is from the...
    Image: Ford
  4. A convertible pickup truck? This ad must be from the...
    Image: Dodge
  5. What decade is this ad from?
    Image: Cadillac
  6. This Corvette ad is from the...
    Image: Chevrolet
  7. What decade is this Cadillac ad from?
    Image: Cadillac
  8. Is this convertible driving into the Twilight Zone? This ad is from the...
    Image: Ford
  9. This finned convertible is straight from the...
    Image: Plymouth
  10. This off-road ad is from the...
    Image: Jeep
  11. This VW convertible ad is from the...
    Image: Volkswagen
  12. It doesn't get much better than a classic Firebird convertible like this one from the...
    Image: Pontiac

Can you guess what decade these classic convertible car ads are from?

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JERRY6 12 months ago
Toonhead JERRY6 12 months ago
Thanks my friend. I got a giggle out of yours too
JewelersGranddaughter 13 months ago
12/12!! I have been a "car nut" all my life! I married a mechanic when I was 19 and he was 20. What got us together was the summer Saturday afternoon when he walked out of his barracks building on the Air Force Base where he was stationed, and where I lived very close to - and I was sitting on the sidewalk near a car, and was helping the Air Force mechanic I just happened to be dating at the time rebuild a carburetor he was doing for a friend of his! 🙆🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ He stopped on his way to the chow hall to get lunch, to chitchat with my date, whom he knew already, and (I found out later on, of course) to scope ME out! I had a hand inside the carb, holding a part of the butterfly in place - my hands were smaller and could reach the part easier than the guy I was dating at the time. And it made points too that I not only knew something about what I was actually doing, but did not mind getting my hands dirty!
I've worked on my own cars, repaired problems on the road when nobody else was around to "rescue me" or when some yahoo was trying to take advantage of me, do it wrong, and charge me too much! Ive been up to my elbows in a valve job on the 390 from my mothers 1969 Ford Galaxie - my then fiance, a mechanic buddy of his, and I, started disassembling the engine on Friday night, took the necessary pieces to the Hobby Shop on base on Saturday to get tbe vales, the valve seats ground (I did the valve seats myself after the lead mechanic there showed me how on one) and I drove it to my job on Sunday afternoon. I've been the #2 partner in an engine swap in the backyard, on my own 1971 Ford Torino GT Sportsroof with a 351C4V and C6Auto console shift; etc, etc.
It's been a lot of fun, but those days are over now, due to severe disability that now has me housebound. I miss those days! But, I could identify anything on the road when I was a kid even - and frequently at night, just from the tail light patterns or designs! Got even better at it getting older, until everything started looking the same!
It paid off for me when I got a part time job which became full time for a while, when I started working as a Commercial Parts Delivery Driver for AutoZone, and proved my worth INSIDE the store, waiting on customers behind the parts counter between deliveries! The guys would come in and see me behind the counter, and try to stump me. Didn't work most of the time, and even when I wasn't sure, I figured it out myself!
Had an older "regular" come in after I had been there a while, and hand me a set of points, a rotor, and some other ignition parts from an old car, not saying what they were, what they came from, or even the year. I matched them all up the first time, and handed him back new ones for everything he handed me! (This was of course LONG after cars stopped using any of those kinds of parts.) I didn't ask him anything about them. But, he walked away impressed, and shaking his head. He didn't have to "test me" after that - I had apparently passed his test!
I was only there about a year - I left after my PRN (as needed) schedule working for an outpatient surgery center IN surgery, as a Certified Surgical Technologist ("scrub tech"), picked up enough additional hours to where I didn't have enough time left over to work both jobs! And it paid double the AutoZone job! I did lots of Ortho cases, which uses lots of tools! Hammers, power saws, screwdrivers, drills, screws, plates, wires, etc., so it was right up my alley!
Always nice to hear from a lady gearhead. I mean that as high praise 😎
ConwayConway 14 months ago
Woohoo.. perfect score 🤘🇺🇸
bnichols23 14 months ago
No challenge at all for a carzy kid from the 50s. I had a '63 T'Bird; 4200 lbs of Dearborn steel with the second most powerful engine Ford made at the time (behind the police interceptor). You talk about a "lead sled," that was it. Thing would haul butt too.
Joe1954 bnichols23 13 months ago
To a lot of people, it was no longer a T-bird after Ford decided it wasn't making sports cars and named a sedan Thunderbird. You wouldn't believe how bad Ford shot themselves in the foot with that one! If Ford would have stuck with the original, the Vette would have been history! Try reading the book Fins. It's mainly about GM car styling, but when it gets to the Vette and compares it to the T-bird, it explains just what a disaster the Vette almost was.
bnichols23 Joe1954 13 months ago
"wouldn't believe" -- Oh, yeah, I would. Like I said, I was a carzy kid BITD. Th marketing types may have figured the Squarebird was a good idea, & I guess from sales it was, but not to me. My dad, either. He had two, a '55 & a '57. His next car was a Corvair Monza, & then two Jag XK-Es after that, a 61 & '64.

McNamara & his fellow "whiz kids" rammed a lot of "theory" & "scientific management" down the throats of the car guys at Ford. He did do the company a favor by introducing the Falcon, but he was also an unfeeling jackass about a lot of stuff. (I mean, who else talks to the press at the intro reveal for a new car line & tells them, "We have plans for phasing it out."??)
Joe1954 bnichols23 13 months ago
Don't think McNamara had anything to do with the T-Bird's re-marketing, that was strictly Henry Ford II's doings. But jackass he was, he was still correct about a lot of things not making sense.
bnichols23 Joe1954 13 months ago
True, the 'Bird thing was Hank the Deuce; I wasn't putting that to McN. Neither he nor Hank were any Harley Earl, or Bill Mitchell either, for that matter, when it came to marketing.
grandpa5741 15 months ago
10/12 Did you drive through this quiz smoothly or did you hit a few bumps?
A few bumps
Marty53 15 months ago
We had a '69 Javelin. Road tripped to Yellowstone national park in '72 in it. Mountain roads in a low car is wild.
xk7186 15 months ago
11 out 12 missed the Corvette
Dajj 15 months ago
7/12 I thought I knew those body styles better!
Sidepipes 15 months ago
12/12. The Jeep was questionable but by golly, I got it.
tailings 15 months ago
The ads are from the same decade as the cars featured....., duh! The only one remotely difficult was the Jeep CJ5; everything else is clearly pegged to the car featured irrespective of the ad design.
70pontiac455 15 months ago
I had 12 out of 12 of these flash from the past cars
JeffPaul76 15 months ago
''You got 8 out of 12'' -------Did you drive through this quiz smoothly or did you hit a few bumps? --- I got 5, 8, 11 and 12 WRONG!!
Coca 15 months ago
I drive 69 Chevelle convert
11 outta 12
Know my cars
Coca 15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
JERRY6 Coca 12 months ago
I STILL DRIVE THE SAME CAR I DROVE IN 1970 340Dart with a few upgrades to improve handling and mpg get 22 to 24 mpg highway and 1 tenth the price to repair compared to new cars
kimmer 15 months ago
9/12....All I knew were FORDS....the rest I saw from neighbors...lmbo
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