Can you match these mascots to the correct breakfast cereal brands?

You definitely know Tony the Tiger but do you know Linus the Lionhearted?


Cereals are more than a morning treat. These breakfast brands have given us mascots that filled our cartoon commercials breaks. Heck, some of them even got cartoons of their own back in the day.

Kellogg's, Post and General Mills came up with some clever and colorful characters over the decades. We bet you know most of them.

But it takes a true cereal fanatic to match all of these names to the correct brand. Grab your thinkin' spoon and let's go!

  1. Tony the Tiger
  2. Toucan Sam
  3. Snap, Crackle & Pop
  4. Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble
  5. Cornelius Rooster
  6. BuzzBee
  7. Sunny the Sun
  8. Chip the Wolf
  9. Jean LaFoote, Harry S. Hippo & Seadog
  10. Dig 'Em Frog
  11. Chef Wendell
  12. Lovable Truly the Postman
  13. Linus the Lionhearted
  14. Whoo the Wizard of Oatz

Can you match these mascots to the correct breakfast cereal brands?

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Jeffrey 17 months ago
''You got 12 out of 14'' --------"You deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral! Nice work!" I got 12 and 14 wrong.
Douglas 27 months ago
11/14! missed 8,9, and 14. I deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral!
RichieMuenster 52 months ago
My chat and I found a small error in one of the answers. In number 13, two of the answers are accurate.

To quote from Wikipedia:
At first, Linus was the spokesman for the short-lived Post cereal "Heart of Oats" (a Cheerios imitation). Eventually, the lion was redesigned and reintroduced in 1963, to sell Crispy Critters, which featured Linus on the box.

So technically, both of the answers were correct.

Keep up the fantastic quizzes and games. Thanks!
idkwut2use 54 months ago
Never heard of the last two! But the two cereals I most want back are King Vitaman and HIDDEN TREASURES (which I rediscovered at long last and realized their mascot was a robot, not an alien. D'oy.)
EllisClevenger 56 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
You deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral! Nice work!
Missed #8 and #14.
Runeshaper 56 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
You deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral! Nice work!

9 got me & I think it's because I only think of the Capt. LOL
Lillyrose 56 months ago
11 out of 14. Mostly guesses. Although, I remember Tony the Tiger is the mascot for Frosted Flakes. And I remember that Snap Crackle and Pop is the mascot for Rice Krispies.
littledebbie 56 months ago
11/14. There was several I never even heard of
LindaWilliams 57 months ago
You got 14 out of 14
You deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral! Nice work!
anthony 57 months ago
12/ deserve a promotion from Cap'n to Adm'ral! Even though I got the Cap'n Crunch one wrong?Thanks! The other one I got wrong was the Crispy Critters I never heard of.
stephaniestavropoulos 57 months ago
Which came first, the cereal or the mascot? In the case of Cap 'n' Crunch, the mascot came first. CNC is {one of} the only cereals where the cereal was made for the mascot. {Instead of the mascot for the cereal, as with most cereals, that is what happened.}
Very interesting! I never knew that.
AlF 57 months ago
Missed 8 & 14. Chip the Wolf? Wizard of Oatz? They both sound bogus to me!
MrBill 57 months ago
12/14; Never heard of All Stars cereal and I do not recall ever seeing an ad for Cinnamon Toast Crunch so I had to guess and missed those two.
If you've ever caught a commercial where one piece of cereal gets eaten by another, that's CTC. I've seen commercials for CTC. I call them the "cannibal commercials" Each cinnamon toasted square eats "one of their own! That's why I call them cannibalistic. It's the Donner Party in cereal form. {If you aren't familiar w/DP, Google them.}
RobCertSDSCascap 57 months ago
#9- Cinnamon Crunch, Punch Crunch, Cap'n Crunch,
to be exact.
What does Cinnamon Crunch and Punch Crunch have to do with Cap 'n' Crunch? Are you saying that Jean LaFoote, is the mascot for Cinnamon Toast crunch, Harry S Hippo is the mascot for Punch Crunch, and Cap 'n' Crunch is the mascot for CC? Well, you are wrong if you think this. All 3 mascots represent CC.
So sorry to be late responding! Used to be notified by email.
Yes, Jean LaFoote was the mascot for the incredibly delicious
Cinnamon Crunch. Harry S. Hippo for Punch Crunch, and Wilma
The White Whale for Vanilly Crunch. Short lived, sure, but all in the Cap'n Crunch
Oops! Forgot THE CRUNCH BERRY BEAST for Crunch Berries.
Also, The Chockle for Choco Crunch.
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