Can you match these ad mascots to their brands?

Who is the Kool-Aid man, really?


None of us particularly love being marketed at. So, when a brand does it well, and a campaign resonates with us, we forge a connection not just with the company, but also with the mascot that they're represented by.

So let's see how effective all those marketing efforts are. We'll name a mascot, you pick the company they shill for. Hopefully, they've done a good job, and you can identify all ten! 

  1. Dino the Dinosaur
  2. Elsie the Cow
  3. Speedee
  4. Sugar Bear
  5. Choo-Choo Charlie
  6. Farfel the Dog
  7. Sarah Tucker (played by Marge Redmond)
  8. Cornelius the Rooster
  9. Fred the Baker
  10. Alfred E. Neuman

Can you match these ad mascots to their brands?

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MikefromJersey 12 days ago
"You got 7 out of 10. You sure have been effectively marketed to!"

Farfel the Dog, Sarah Tucker, Speedee, never heard of them.
QazWiz MikefromJersey 11 days ago
N-E-S-T-L-E-S(sung letter by letter at a good clip)
nestles makes the very best...
CHOoooc laaaaate (takes 5 or 6 seconds drawing out the two vowels as if losing breath)
Sarah Tucker kept adding a dallop of Cool whip on each desert (you ARE getting desert, Cool Whip makes it better)
AND SPEEDY.... WOW McDonalds handed you your food before your change
he was more popular in 50's and early 60's than Ronald McDonald who started in 1963
the switch was a plus in long term, but effectively throwing Speedy away took guts.
he was why you bought fast food... because "he" (aka McDonald's service) was SPEEDY
MikefromJersey QazWiz 11 days ago
Thanks pal, most informative.
justjeff MikefromJersey 10 days ago
...and the "N-E-S-T-L-E-S... Nestles makes the very best" part of the jingle was sung by Danny O'Day... one of the two puppets voiced by ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson...
MikefromJersey justjeff 10 days ago
Damn, if MeTV ever had a TV knowledge show I wanna be on your team.
justjeff MikefromJersey 10 days ago
Thanks... which just goes to prove one consistent fact... I have no life! 😋
jerryleebandit 14 days ago
Who is speedee ?
His the original McDonald's mascot before Ronald
LalaLucy 17 days ago
7/10. Did not remember Choo-Choo Charlie, Sarah Tucker, or Farfel the Dog.
greenhornet66 18 days ago
8 out of 10. i missed farfel the dog. i guessed the obvious. not thinking nestle's quik. and i missed sarah tucker. now that i see the answer was cool whip it comes back to me.
George58 18 days ago
6/10 Really bombed on this one!
Bone1969 George58 18 days ago
Don't feel bad buddy. I got 5/10😮
kkvegas 18 days ago
9/10. I've never heard of Farfel the Dog.
Kramden62 18 days ago
9/10. Thrown by #6 since I've also never heard of Farfel the dog. I only remember the rabbit for Quik.

I also remember Sinclair gasoline from when I was just a kid in the 60's. I understand they are trying to get reestablished across the country. So when, oh when will they ever reappear in Michigan? (Same goes for Borden!)
Exactly, Quik had a rabbit
TSeym22 18 days ago
6/10 I've never heard of most of them, got lucky and guessed right on a few. Only ones I knew for sure were #2 and #8.
AnnieM 18 days ago
I never knew the "Time to make the donuts" character even had a name (Fred). Assuming that's the spot they're talking about, of course.
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