Answer these questions and we'll tell you which classic TV show you'd guest star on!

No acting experience necessary.

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The world of television has its fair share of great guest stars, but why can't you be one of them? In classic TV, we saw Harrison Ford before Star Wars on Gunsmoke, Tom Hanks in one of his first roles on The Love Boat, and Betty White before Golden Girls on Mama's Family. But this quiz isn't about them, it's about you! 

We all have our favorite guest stars, but now that guest star is you. Take the quiz to find out which TV series you'd be a guest star on! No acting experience necessary. Have fun! 

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the country, where would you go?
  2. Which character from classic TV would you rather be friends with?
  3. If you found $20 on the ground, what would you do?
  4. Which actor do you think left more of a legacy on their TV show?
  5. MeTV is making you dinner. Which option on the menu are you choosing?
  6. Which of these activities sounds the most fun to you right now?
  7. Which of these qualities do you think is the most important?
  8. Your friend is going through a hard time. How would you help them out?
  9. If you could live anywhere in the country, where would it be?
  10. You're stranded in the wilderness. What do you wish you had with you?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you which classic TV show you'd guest star on!

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ITHOTN 8 days ago
Bonanza! I love the West! Here I come, Little Joe, Adam, Hoss, and Ben (Candy and Jamie too).
HopeDuchaine 9 days ago
I am guest-starring on All in the Family. I am so blessed. LOL
ClassicTVRocks 11 days ago
I'm going to Mayberry!!! The Andy Griffith Show!!! And I couldn't be Happier, I Love the show and the characters, though Barney Fife would drive Me Bonkers!!! Bless His Heart ❤️ Anyway, I've got to start packing for Mayberry... Lol 😆😂
BradBeall 11 days ago
The Andy Griffith Show _ which is absolutely fine by me! If I could, I would spend the rest of my life in "Mayberry"!
LynCarrigan 14 days ago
Great - Bonanza! And I can ride a horse.
hendrix_media 15 days ago
'All in the Family.' Jawing with Archie Bunker ... that definitely could get interesting.
tinkparker 16 days ago
The Andy Griffin I would so move to Mayberry in a heartbeat 💓
Fred_Clampett 16 days ago
I got Andy Griffith. Not bad, but I was hoping for Gilligan's Island.
bukhrn 17 days ago
BONANZA? I really doubt that, I'm not really crazy about Bonanza.
Bret 19 days ago
You got The Andy Griffith Show
Geronimo 19 days ago
They chose All in the Family
Charlotte 19 days ago
Andy Griffith, yeh I could be a Mayberrian
canttouchthis 20 days ago
Andy My hiney..
more in line with Gunsmoke or Gilligans Island
vkkokich 20 days ago
This is problematic. I hate Gilligans Island...even as a kid! Assuming my love for the beach landed me on this show. Mayberry would be more up my alley.
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