Can you identify 12 classic sitcoms from their trippy dream sequences alone?

Try not to lose any sleep over your answers.

Sitcoms can get surreal. It's a tried-and-true trope. When you want to break out of the mold, get weird, and dive a little deeper into the subconscious of characters, you write a dream sequence.

The dream sequence has been a part of television comedy for ages, from Lucy's visions of begging for money with Little Ricky to Community's musical episode. Heck, the entire Newhart series was technically a dream sequence of Dr. Bob Hartley, as revealed by the shocking, legendary finale.

So, we dug up a dozen dazzling dream sequences from sitcoms in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. Can you name the shows by a single striking frame?

Good luck!
  1. Viewers got to return to 'Gilligan's Island' on what '80s comedy?
  2. Most of this episode was originally a dream sequence — until it wasn't.
  3. This show memorably went black-and-white film noir for an episode called "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice."
    Image: Disney-ABC Television Distribution
  4. This show went Jack and the Beanstalk in its dream sequence.
  5. A Rod Serling knockoff narrated the nightmarish scenarios in this show's dream-filled episode.
  6. Things got surreal during the many dream sequences in this episode of…?
  7. A dreamer played 'Jeopardy!' — and got her college major as a final category — in what show?
    Image: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
  8. These Michael Jackson and Madonna impersonators present a trophy to a band at a musical awards show in what series' memorable dream sequence?
  9. These aliens land in the backyard during a dream in…?
  10. Each character has a psychologically revealing dream in this episode of…?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  11. Someone dreams that a nerd's science project leads to an atomic blast in Chicago on what show?
    Image: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
  12. Finally, a broken thermostat leads to hallucinations and fever dreams on which show?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television

Can you identify 12 classic sitcoms from their trippy dream sequences alone?

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EllisClevenger 2 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
You will sleep soundly tonight, as you are a true TV trivia expert!
Missed #7, #8, and #10
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