Can you I.D. vintage dolls just from their eyes?

Talky Tina says, "Love me!" - but it was easier with these other dolls!

Every kid has a doll from their past they got way attached to at a young age, but how's your memory for some of the most popular dolls, stretched through the ages?

Stare into the eyes of these cherished dolls below and see how many you can guess right. 

Only kids who loved the stuffing out of these popular toys can guess them all. Good luck!
  1. When this popular doll debuted, its eyes turned to the side:
  2. This doll basically popularized action figures, but that's not the term kids used when the toy debuted:
  3. There was high demand for this It-toy when it debuted, and it's remained a popular choice for kids since:
  4. The sad eyes on this doll was meant to entice kids to adopt one of their own:
  5. This fuzzy friend was so popular, he even got his own short-running animated series:
  6. Here's another doll with its own TV series, but kids who know remember both the toy and the TV show debuted the same year:
  7. Most folks who bought this doll made sure to get the other half of the pair:
  8. Considered good luck, these stout dolls have been around since 1959:
  9. Dressed in rags, this orphan doll's eyes truly inspired hugs:

Can you I.D. vintage dolls just from their eyes?

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JoyeSmith 32 months ago
7 of 9..haven’t heard of some of these.
WILD 34 months ago
You got 6 out of 9
That's OK if you forgot some; there are some dolls we all wish we could forget...
idkwut2use 34 months ago
Missed #7 & 9.
But I am a total toy freak. Polly Pocket (one of the best alongside Puppy in My Pocket, original Littlest Pet Shop, Melanie's Mall, etc.), My Little Pony (G4!), Pound Puppies (my "Super Van City" and cute little ones), Barbie (tons of awesome houses/places/playsets/pools/accessories/clothes), Teddy Ruxpin (my mom's, together w/ a book), Strawberry Shortcake (mainly a fan of the Berry Bitty Adventures series but like the non-cg 80s versions too), American Girl (mostly the books), Care Bears (hmm wonder where my mom's old ones got to)...even loved the magenta-haired Troll in the neon orange tunic I bought because my Kindergarten teacher was obsessed and assigned us to bring one in and take a photo with it. I had none because I preferred pretty characters, but the colors did make it appealing.
JamesBrashear 49 months ago
8 out of 9. Never heard of the last one.
Rickey 60 months ago
You got 8 out of 9
You clearly loved your dolls. Miss 4 didn't read just pick. If I read it I would have gotten it right :D
Kirsten 68 months ago

You got 9 out of 9
You clearly loved your dolls.
EllisClevenger 68 months ago
You got 8 out of 9
You clearly loved your dolls.
Never had one. Not even a G.I. Joe.
Could someone explain #7? The only one I missed.
richardkel EllisClevenger 68 months ago
I only missed that one too. I had the Barbies and Troll dolls,and my brothers had GI Joe. I only knew the others from buying them for my nieces and nephews
Barry22 68 months ago
8/9, and I didn't even play with dolls. Down here in SoFL, troll dolls were called 'Iggies'. Don't ask me why.
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