Can you bust these classic TV myths?

Can you scope out which of these legends are based on fact?


Anything that gains enough popularity in American culture inevitably sparks rumors, myths and conspiracies surrounding it, and classic TV is no exception. Theories about characters, settings and behind the scenes turmoil range from completely true to outlandishly wild.

Here are 11 stories involving memorable television shows. Can you sort out the truth from the myths?

  1. “Danger, Will Robinson!” is said at least once in every episode of Lost in Space.
  2. John Wayne recommended his friend James Arness for the role of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke.
  3. Perry Mason’s clients were never found guilty.
  4. Chuck Connors played professional baseball and basketball before being cast on The Rifleman.
  5. The catchy Batman theme song doesn’t feature any singing — the sounds are made by trumpets.
  6. “Beam me up, Scotty” was never actually said in the original Star Trek.
  7. The voice actor for Huckleberry Hound was doing an impression of Andy Griffith.
  8. I Love Lucy was the first show to use the innovative three-camera setup.
  9. Arnold the Pig was the only cast member on Green Acres to win an acting award.
  10. Kids learned the Heimlich maneuver from watching The Simpsons.
  11. Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver grew up to be rock star Alice Cooper.

Can you bust these classic TV myths?

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Cougar90 7 months ago
Way to go with those two kids and the Heimlich Maneuver from the Simpson's.
Lillyrose 40 months ago
Eddie Haskell of Leave it to Beaver grew up to be a policeman.
denny 43 months ago
10/11 The Lucy question is somewhat a fraud of a question.
Br0ther1KB 43 months ago
Vince was never a child TV Actor in a national Sitcom. 8/11 Pretty Nifty. :)
QazWiz 43 months ago
number 11 has got to have been a "gimmie" IS THERE ANYONE WATCHING that doesn't know "troublesome"
murphmike 43 months ago
10 of 11..Heimlich on the Simpsons??🤣
Filmnoirfan 43 months ago
8/11 - nothing to brag about and just about what I expected
Runeshaper 43 months ago
You got 8 out of 11 - Good Enough!
BrianMoore 43 months ago
8 out of 11 for me. I can't believe the one about the pig.
geatornez82 43 months ago
8/11. The Arnold Ziffel one sounds so much like an urban legend, I can't believe that was actually true!
QazWiz geatornez82 43 months ago
yeah, but most comedy shows were snubbed by "high falooting" highbrows until comedy had separate category and since then "clean comedy" is usually snubbed in favor of broken homes, salacious inuendo, any more recently you got to have a "sex deviant" in show to even be considered
malibustacy QazWiz 42 months ago
I'm clearly watching all the wrong channels.
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