Can you guess which songs huge pop stars sang for their TV debuts?

Time travel to pop stars' breakout performances.

Most folks know all about the Beatles showing up on The Ed Sullivan Show and shaking up history, and everybody knows American Bandstand debuted acts from the 1950s through the 1980s, but are you a big enough pop star aficionado to know which songs bands played during their breakout TV performances?

That's the quiz today, which takes you from the King of Rock & Roll to Prince. Good luck picking the right tunes every time!
  1. The Beatles made their U.S. debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, performing five songs. Pick out one hit they played:
  2. Cyndi Lauper danced into our hearts on American Bandstand in 1984, singing two hits. Which ones?
  3. Elvis Presley shook the world when he appeared on The Dorsey Stage Show in 1956, performing which hit?
  4. The Jackson 5 made their TV debut on American Bandstand in 1970, singing which two songs?
  5. Barry Manilow made American Bandstand swoon in his 1975 TV debut, performing which hit?
  6. Sonny and Cher did their duet thing first on American Bandstand in 1965. What song did they sing?
  7. Madonna also made her debut on American Bandstand. In 1984, what song do you think she sauntered out?
  8. Dick Clark welcomed the Doors to American Bandstand in 1967. Which hit did we hear?
  9. Prince turned TVs purple in 1980 when he appeared on American Bandstand, performing which hit?
  10. It was The Ed Sullivan Show that introduced the ray of sunshine that was The Beach Boys in 1964. Which song do you think they played?
  11. The Rolling Stones first performed on Dean Martin's Hollywood Palace in 1964. Pick out a song they played:
  12. Last question is for true fans only! Davy Jones actually performed on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night the Beatles first appeared, only with the cast of a musical, not the Monkees. Which musical was it?

Can you guess which songs huge pop stars sang for their TV debuts?

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Rickey 24 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
If you're lost on this quiz, you can look and find Cyndi here, time after time:
Cynthia 28 months ago
Eleven out of 12. Missed the one on the Rolling Stones.
JeffTanner 28 months ago
''You 7 out of 12'' Which is not very good for me. If you're lost on this quiz, you can look and find Cyndi here, time after time...
UTZAAKE 28 months ago
9/12. 3, 6 and 8.
5. MANILOW! also performed the same song on Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell later that year.
Barry22 28 months ago
10/12, missed Elvis and Sonny & Cher
cperrynaples 28 months ago
11/12! And no Stephanie I got the last one this time! The one I missed was 6, and only because MeTV chose an obscure song! The others are easy if you know what the artists' first hits were! Fun Fact: The Beatles' first song on Sullivan was "All My Loving"!
12/12. [When I first saw the quiz and saw that photo of Dick Clark, I thought the quiz was going to be about singers/bands who were on AB.]
I hate it when I know the answers to singers/bands, anything that doesn't interest me. {ie. Elvis, Madonna, The Beach Boys, Barry Manilow.} I know, that's probably a stupid way to feel, but for as long as I can remember, I've felt this way. Instead, I should be embracing the fact that I know the answer to anything and not punishing myself-or the topics themselves,-for knowing the answers. I know, I'm weird. That's something I can proudly embrace!}
#12 METV says only a "true fan" would know the answer. I don't think that's true. I think even a casual fan might know the answer, as often as the Monkees past lives have been spoken/written about.
Light My Fire-I can't remember the exact quote, but I have always liked the comment Jim Morrison said after The Doors appeared on Ed Sullivan. He {Jim,} wouldn't change the word "higher." The producer or someone goes backstage and says they wouldn't be asked back. Jim said something like "It's too late, we've already appeared." Classic Jim!
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