Can you name all these quirky characters from Green Acres?

Remember all these hilarious humans… and animals?

Green Acres has colorful characters that say the darnedest things — and we're just talking about the farm animals! Who could forget a pig who can change channels on a TV set? Or a cow that "sings" after swallowing a radio? 

Of course, the people of Green Acres are also a delight, from the city slickers to the country bumpkins. 

The silly but surprisingly sophisticated sitcom serves up dozens of memorable characters. Lets see if you can name the regulars!
  1. Mrs. Douglas preferred Park Avenue, as she admitted in the theme song.
  2. Mr. Douglas was named after a Supreme Court Justice.
  3. This was one pampered pig.
  4. What is the name of this farmhand?
  5. This local businessman sold the farm to the Douglases.
  6. This store owner was also a regular on Petticoat Junction.
  7. Knock, knock! Who's there?
  8. What is the name of this Ziffel?
  9. What is the name of this Ziffel?
  10. This painter, one half of the Monroe Brothers, shared a name with a popular '80s sitcom character…
  11. …and his "brother" was actually his sister.
  12. This basset hound was a love interest for the pig.
  13. This Douglas cow once swallowed a radio.
  14. Can you remember the name of Mr. Douglas' mom?
  15. Mrs. Douglas held this adorable little Yorkie in the opening credits. What was the dog's name?
  16. See if you can guess Mrs. Douglas' maiden name — or maybe you know it!
Can you name all these quirky characters from Green Acres?

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bringbackWKRP 2 hours ago
15 for 16. Good quiz/fine program but please consider bringing back WKRP.
HDRIDER 4 hours ago
THANK YOU!!!!! This was the best sit com ever! I missed it. Thanks for moving WKRP out. Now please put TAXI in one of the Hogan's Hero's slots.
KennethGoodings 5 hours ago
16 for 16... piece o cake... try me on Petticoat Junction...
Bet I can go 100% on both shows... every character... ever... lol...
STTOS 1 day ago
You got 16 out of 16 - Yee haw! Time to do a little celebratory dance! Guessed on a couple of them and for once I guessed right.
JeffTanner 3 days ago
''You got 16 out of 16'' --------------Yee haw! Time to do a little celebratory dance!
AndrewNossol 4 days ago
16/16...big fan of the programme
ME TOO!! I'm glad it's on The Summer of Me!
bringbackWKRP 4 days ago
Bad score 13 for 16. Please bring back WKRP in this time slot soon.
MrHaney 5 days ago
Missed Number 5. Just kidding....
Barry22 6 days ago
12/16 and guessed. Never cared for that show.
anthony 7 days ago
16/16.💃💃💃💃 As Hank Kimball would say. "Your probably wondering,well not really wondering,but it would be suprising,well not really surprising,what I mean to say is you probably didn't know that,ah...What was it you ask me again?Oh Yeah I have watched a lot of Green Acres."😋
Wiseguy anthony 5 hours ago
he would say you're (the contraction of you are)
garykevinware Wiseguy 1 hour ago
He'd also put spaces after commas, and the end of a sentence.
Robert 7 days ago
16/16! I watched this show a lot when I was a kid! The only question I took a lucky guess on was Lisa's little dog's name. How can I remember all these names, but don't ask me what I had for supper yesterday? Go figure...
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