Can you name all these quirky characters from Green Acres?

Remember all these hilarious humans… and animals?

Green Acres has colorful characters that say the darnedest things — and we're just talking about the farm animals! Who could forget a pig who can change channels on a TV set? Or a cow that "sings" after swallowing a radio? 

Of course, the people of Green Acres are also a delight, from the city slickers to the country bumpkins. 

The silly but surprisingly sophisticated sitcom serves up dozens of memorable characters. Lets see if you can name the regulars!
  1. Mrs. Douglas preferred Park Avenue, as she admitted in the theme song.
  2. Mr. Douglas was named after a Supreme Court Justice.
  3. This was one pampered pig.
  4. What is the name of this farmhand?
  5. This local businessman sold the farm to the Douglases.
  6. This store owner was also a regular on Petticoat Junction.
  7. Knock, knock! Who's there?
  8. What is the name of this Ziffel?
  9. What is the name of this Ziffel?
  10. This painter, one half of the Monroe Brothers, shared a name with a popular '80s sitcom character…
  11. …and his "brother" was actually his sister.
  12. This basset hound was a love interest for the pig.
  13. This Douglas cow once swallowed a radio.
  14. Can you remember the name of Mr. Douglas' mom?
  15. Mrs. Douglas held this adorable little Yorkie in the opening credits. What was the dog's name?
  16. See if you can guess Mrs. Douglas' maiden name — or maybe you know it!
Can you name all these quirky characters from Green Acres?

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Jacqueline05478 4 days ago
How did so many of you know Lisa's maiden name?
legion1a 5 days ago
That's as good as can be expected from me on here!
I missed one of the Monroe Brothers, and the dogs name.
pw 14 days ago
16/16. I can't believe I remembered the basset hounds name! I guess my memory's not as bad as I thought it was. At least not for the important stuff
Tony 1 month ago
Easiest quiz I have ever taken.
SherylATedder 1 month ago
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legion1a SherylATedder 5 days ago
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SusanFMurphy 1 month ago

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legion1a SusanFMurphy 5 days ago
Why do scumbags like you take advantage of friendly chat formats to place your immoral ads?
As a person, you suck too!
LarryLeGros 1 month ago
Never really watched the show and it shows. 8/16.
JoAnneBurke 1 month ago
16/16!Bully for me.I really know my Hooterville!
Tony9veto 1 month ago
16 / 16.... My best score yet....My favorite show.
MrBill 1 month ago
15/16; missed Eb the farmhand. I got his last name mixed up - have not seen the show for awhile.
Deepizzaguy 1 month ago
Two out of 15 since I have not Green Acres since it was in Panama on the Southern Command Network.
bringbackWKRP 2 months ago
15 for 16. Good quiz/fine program but please consider bringing back WKRP.
HDRIDER 2 months ago
THANK YOU!!!!! This was the best sit com ever! I missed it. Thanks for moving WKRP out. Now please put TAXI in one of the Hogan's Hero's slots.
pw HDRIDER 14 days ago
Taxi was a great show, but surely there are more worthy programs of being removed than Hogans Heroes! Isn't the Facts of Life currently running?
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