Can you guess which M*A*S*H character fits in these episode titles?

Prove you know the who's who when it comes to M*A*S*H stars.

Do you know who's who when it comes to the M*A*S*H cast?

See if you can fill in the correct name to complete all these episode titles, with only a tiny hint of what happens on the show. The biggest M*A*S*H fans can score 11/13. Good luck!

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  1. A body cast comes into play when this cast member suddenly sets a wedding date in: [???] Marriage
  2. Some unusual complaints about this cast member's leadership lead to: [???] Retirement
  3. This episode about a discharged soldier might have been the saddest goodbye in TV history: Abyssinia, [???]
  4. Bureaucracy gives this cast member more headaches than he counts on when made temporary commander: Commander [???]
  5. It took two episodes for this cast member to depart the show: Good-Bye [???]
  6. This cast member basically takes on a surrogate Korean family for an entire episode in: [???] Papa San
  7. Two cast members intent on taking over camp put this leader on trial in: The Trial of [???]
  8. Who do you think you can rely on for the weekly activity report: [???] Report
  9. After a camp romance goes sour, this cast member almost gets transferred: [???] and Empty Arms
  10. Many cast members wrote letters, but in this episode, one character recorded by cassette: The [???] Tapes
  11. This cast member cares for all as the last one to fall ill when the whole camp comes down with the flu: Carry On [???]
  12. The disappearance of this cast member causes major concern: The Abduction of [???]
  13. Two characters fit in this episode name, but do you know which ones: Dr. [???] and Mr. Hyde

Can you guess which M*A*S*H character fits in these episode titles?

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lmahabhashyam 39 months ago
13/13 not bad for a M*A*S*H oholic. 49 wonderful years of M*A*S*H and counting.
candybaroque 39 months ago
13/13, gee theres alot going on around camp
thecutiefactor 42 months ago
Mash is perhaps the greatest show of all time..
MaryH 46 months ago
Got 13 out of 13. I know the officers and the enlisted personnel of the 4077th.
Cowgirl 47 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Wow. Maybe you should be running the 4077th!
The clue for #10 is wrong. Casette tapes weren't invented until 1963. Charles used a reel to reel tape recorder.
firefighter79 51 months ago
To easy a private could have aced that quiz
MeowMeow1962 55 months ago
11/13 - interesting since I've seen every episode like 250 times. ;-)
djw1120 56 months ago
13 out of 13
I know my M*A*S*H officers - and enlisted personnel.
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