Can you guess which classic TV show this random dog is on?

Test your memory of every stray dog that made it to the silver screen.

It's a dog day afternoon on!

We've pulled memorable stray dogs from episodes of hit TV shows from the 1950s to the 1980s. See if you can look at the clues in the scene to figure out which show walked these dogs out - or better yet, if you can remember the episode because you just love dogs.

Only the biggest fans of random dog sightings on classic shows can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Oh no! This tough dog wound up behind bars on which classic TV show?
  2. This tiny pup kept everybody up all night on which early classic sitcom?
  3. This dog was playing a game of indoor catch when his owner accidentally tossed the ball out the window on which '70s sitcom?
  4. It was rather unusual for one of the stars of this show to have a dog begging for scraps at his table:
  5. On this eerie show, a man must decide between heaven and man's best friend:
  6. This dog helps to welcome two castmates in the pilot of which show?
  7. When this soldier returns home, the first being he encounters is this hound. Which TV show is it?
  8. That's Gary Burghoff guest-starring on this show across from a hound, not a Hawkeye:
  9. Here's a tiny dog begging for his life on which sci-fi show?
  10. Last question. This dog helps chase down a damsel in distress on which show?

Can you guess which classic TV show this random dog is on?

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TheFanFromUNCLE 13 months ago
10/10. A couple of those were guesses.
rycki1138 34 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed the last one.
DaveBunzel 60 months ago
George Jefferson wasn't the dog's owner. He was dog-sitting.
ndebrabant 64 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Looks like you've got all your pups in a row!
Terrence 70 months ago
The last one was tough........................9/10
MrBill 70 months ago
10/10; I always love animal stories.
Pacificsun 70 months ago
Very interesting quiz! At first thought it was easy. But not so much, because you get distracted thinking which episode the dog was in. Instead of focusing on which show the (human) character was in.
Jeffrey 70 months ago
I got 9 out of 10. I got number 9 wrong.
AndrewHass 70 months ago
I was 9/10.The only question i got wrong was the last one.
MrsPhilHarris 70 months ago
10/10 The only guess was The Jeffersons.
8/10. I knew it was The Jeffersons because I recognized the set.
scp 70 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed the last one, but I'm apparently not alone on that one.
Corey 70 months ago
Missed the last one. I remember The Jeffersons where George was babysitting the dog and threw a ball out of the terrace and the dog followed it.
Pacificsun Corey 70 months ago
I guessed it by the furniture which MeTV ran a couple of months.
harlow1313 70 months ago
I missed the last one. I recognized the actor, Prince, but could not connect him to the right show.
nerakr 70 months ago
10/10. But not because of the dogs, because of the backgrounds or what I knew about the shows themselves. #5 was pure guesswork, as I didn't watch any of the choices.
Corey nerakr 70 months ago
That was the episode where the mad scientist swapped the castaways minds and the dog's mind was switched with a cat.
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