Pick: Which classic sitcom kid reminds you most of your kid?

Did you raise a Cindy Brady or a Little Ricky?

Image: NBC Universal / The Everett Collection

It's natural when you're watching TV, especially classic TV, to recognize a little bit of your own family in the funny events happening on your favorite family sitcom, whether that's The Brady Bunch or The Addams Family. It's even easier for parents to relate, once they've watched a kid of their own go through the same motions as the child star on TV, from Beaver Cleaver to Richie Cunningham.

Have you ever looked at the screen and thought, "Oh, that's so [insert your kid's name here]!"?

We want to know which classic TV kids touched home most for you! Pick the classic sitcom kid below that reminds you most of your own kid, or one of your kids, and find out how many other families related just as much as you did.

  1. Pick the classic sitcom kid below who reminds you most of one of your own kids:

Pick: Which classic sitcom kid reminds you most of your kid?

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Snickers 31 months ago
Says I got 30%. What does that have to do with which classic sitcom kid reminds you most of your kid?
idkwut2use 33 months ago
My “dogter” and I would both be Wednesdays.
Geronimo 44 months ago
I picked Peter Brady because I myself am a middle child and I like to joke around just like him
SheriHeffner 70 months ago
Even though I have no kids, Little Ricky Ricardo reminds me of my youngest nephew Jayden because of the cute way he talks and acts I still got a 0%
Nana10 70 months ago
None of the above acted like real kids, so it is impossible to compare.
CatMomWanda 70 months ago
Well, my children are cats, so I had to go about it a different way. I chose Cindy Brady. They are part of a family of 6 now, they need mom, or someone, to do a lot of things for them they can't do. Also, Cindy's portrayer does cat rescue, so that was the closest I could come to a response on this one.
Whitedevil 70 months ago
I wish it could have been none of the above
harlow1313 70 months ago
I don't have children so I selected the child I would most like, which is of course, Wednesday Adams.
Jeffrey 70 months ago
I chose Richie Cunningham and got 30% similar, But only 8% for Richie.
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