Can you complete the names of 1970s TV characters?

Prove you're on a first AND last name basis with 1970s TV.

Think you can complete the names of some of TV's best supporting and star characters?

Below, we've left blank either the first name or last name of a prominent character featured on 1970s television shows like The Jeffersons, Charlie's Angels, M*A*S*H, The Brady Bunch and more. 

It's up to you to pick the right name to complete the character reference every time. Good luck!
  1. On The Brady Bunch, Sam was a butcher and Alice's sweetie. Can you guess his LAST name?
  2. On Charlie's Angels, Kelly was one of the original angels, played by Jaclyn Smith. Can you guess her LAST name?
  3. On M*A*S*H, he was better known as Radar, a character Gary Burghoff played in both the TV show and movie. Can you guess his real FIRST name?
  4. On Happy Days, Lori Beth was Richie's main squeeze. Can you guess her LAST name?
  5. On Kolchak: The Night Stalker, do you remember Kolchak's FIRST name?
  6. On WKRP in Cincinnati, Andy arrives and shakes up the station for good. Can you guess his LAST name?
  7. Don Knotts joined the cast of Three's Company as the landlord Mr. Furley. Can you guess his FIRST name?
  8. On Taxi, Rhea Perlman memorably played Zena, girlfriend of Louie De Palma. Can you guess her LAST name?
  9. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Georgette marries Ted Baxter mid-series, but can you guess her MAIDEN name?
  10. On The Jeffersons, the doorman Ralph is pretty into his tips. Can you guess his LAST name?

Can you complete the names of 1970s TV characters?

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EllisClevenger 34 months ago
Missed #4 (Lori Beth) and #10 (Ralph).
Mark 34 months ago
8 out of 10. Missed on Sam and Lori Beth.
Carrie 34 months ago
Got em all, 10/10. Even though I had to guess about half of them.
Tresix 34 months ago
5/10. Not half-bad, but not half-good either.
Wiseguy 34 months ago
Very few of these were "guesses." They should have wrote "do you know" instead of "can you guess."
booster 34 months ago
10/10. Pure luck. I only knew 4 for sure. The rest were guesses.
ETristanBooth booster 34 months ago
9/10. Most of mine were guesses. The ones I knew for sure were 1, 7, and 9.
Bobbo 34 months ago
8/10. Oddly enough, I missed both answers that were “Franklin.”
anthony Bobbo 34 months ago
I wonder if Georgette and Sam are distant cousins.😋
RedSamRackham 34 months ago
Why can't we just comment the regular way? Why the darn change?
AgingDisgracefully 34 months ago
Let's hear from one of the bosses.
What WAS your angle for the format change?
asphaltcowboy 34 months ago
6/10 correct. Oh well, better luck next time
MrsPhilHarris 34 months ago
9/10 Missed the Jefferson's question.
Jeffrey 34 months ago
I got 8 out of 10 correct! I goofed on Radar's name, which I know is Walter, but it scrolled and I hit Raymond by mistake.
Dicazi Jeffrey 34 months ago
That happens to me, too.
Count it. You knew it.
CatMomWanda Jeffrey 34 months ago
It's just a TV quiz, we believe you knew it. I have scrolled and it did the same thing. I think everyone would agree, it counts as a correct answer 😸
anthony Jeffrey 34 months ago
Somtimes those fingers have minds of their own.
CatMomWanda 34 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CatMomWanda 34 months ago
I don't mind if they want to change formats, but I no longer see a way to follow people.

I also don't see a way to look at responses unless I go through each quiz. I'm never going to do that and I doubt anyone else is either. There will be no conversation, which was part of the enjoyment. This was something light and fun to do when I had a few minutes. The first thing I did was check on and respond to comments on my posts. Now I don't know if someone has written anything. Sometimes someone responds to a post from months ago. I will never see it.

If anyone has found a way to do this, please comment. I will check back 😸

Also, only a couple of times have I seen someone posting things I found objectionable on this site (which is pretty amazing for the internet), but I was able to block them. I don't see a way to do that either. It is great that this site mostly draws very nice people, but I would like to have the option if needed.

I hope this is still a work in progress.
Jeffrey CatMomWanda 34 months ago
I agree with you 100% CatMomWanda!
jan CatMomWanda 34 months ago
I totally agree. Nice posts and silly responses. No politics no trolling. I do not like that I can't respond to people that respond to me.
Hopefully, you'll see this CatMomWanda:
I know when someone has responded to something that I have said, because I have [what was used, and even with this new format it is still happening;] who has responded to me, because I receive emails telling me what has just been posted. There will either be a blue orange or red box with "NEW" written in them to the left of each email, to notify me that I have new replies. Along with the reply I said. Sometimes I'll get emails that just has others responses. this way, I can see who said what, and filter out which ones I want to respond to. I usually respond to most of them . I go directly to METV, when the person's name appears, I respond. Maybe you should see if you can't set your email to that. I can't tell you exactly how I came about having it, but I know it was when I signed with DISQUS. I was worried with this new format, I would no longer get these posts, but I do. Good Luck with this CatMomWanda!
MrsPhilHarris CatMomWanda 34 months ago
I agree CatMom. I don't find this as fun as before.
Hi. I do get emails but sometimes they are a couple of days after the response was posted.

I liked that when I came to the site there was the little circle that took me directly to responses and likes, all in one spot.

I could go through emails and go to each link, but I have enough things to do that are work, it was so easy before. I'm all for improvement, but I don't want the upgrade to make it one more chore. I hope they add some features. People seem to be posting fewer responses now also.
anthony CatMomWanda 34 months ago
I also agree with you 100% CMW.Especially the part about people posting fewer responses.There were a good group of regulars that havn't posted in days.
CatMomWanda anthony 34 months ago
I know that Crazcatladybj has been busy and now has internet issues. Others, I don't know. I guess they didn't sign up or didn't like the new format. I hope they come back. I agree. We had a good group and it was just fun.
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