Can you guess which character these Disney voice actors did NOT play?

See if you can figure out which character doesn't belong.

Image: Disney

It's no secret that plenty of actors performed multiple roles while working with Disney studios. Some of the most iconic characters have the exact same voice actor, which is a true testament to the work they contributed to our favorite movie memories. Kathryn Beaumont, for example, voiced the roles of both Wendy in Peter Pan and Alice in Alice in Wonderland at just 10 years old. 

Maybe you know who these stars did voice, but can you spot who they DIDN'T? Select the character that each star did NOT voice for a Disney movie.

  1. Sterling Holloway appeared on 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 'The Twilight Zone.' Pick the one character he did not voice.
  2. Frequent 'Perry Mason' guest star Ben Wright?
  3. Jimmy MacDonald, the voice of Mickey Mouse from 1947–77?
  4. Voice actress Jodi Benson?
  5. 'My Favorite Martian' and 'The Twilight Zone' guest star J. Pat O'Malley?
  6. Bill Thompson, who was also known as the voice of Droopy in MGM cartoon?
  7. Verna Felton was the mother of Wilma on 'The Flintstones' — and three of these voices.
  8. Candy Candido was the voice of the bear on 'Gentle Ben.' Who did he NOT voice?
  9. 'Adam-12' and 'Hazel' guest star Barbara Luddy?
  10. Bing Crosby's close pal and former radio personality Phil Harris?

Can you guess which character these Disney voice actors did NOT play?

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idkwut2use 57 months ago
6, but should've done at least one or two better. I was mostly trying to figure which character sounded the least like the others. xD
Jacqueline05478 61 months ago
1 and only 1. How embarrassing but I need to be publicly shamed.
UTZAAKE 61 months ago
2/10. Correct only on 1 and 7.
DouglasMorris 61 months ago
5/10! missed #5, #7, #8, #9 and#10. half of it!
BrianMoore 61 months ago
8 out of 10. I got tripped up on the Jodi Benson one because Thumbelina isn't Disney.
teire 61 months ago
5/10, this was hard. Good quiz.
cperrynaples 61 months ago
4/10! Don't remember most of these voices, but even I know that Phil Harris worked for Jack Benny, not Bing Crosby!
teire cperrynaples 61 months ago
He was Jack Benny’s musical director and appeared on the show. He was also a longtime close friend of Bing Crosby’s and associated with him on a few projects, even took over announcing Bing’s pro-am golf tournament after Bing Crosby died.
Did you, did anybody notice the resemblance to each other between Bill Thompson and J. Pat O'Malley? It's as if one took the others name for a stage name. {Just looked at them again, I am wondering if METV didn't download another photo of the same person.}
Also, did anybody notice the "striking resemblance" Candy Candido bears to Pat Harrington? Or, again, did METV download the wrong photo? OR did Metv download a photo of Pat Harrington as Candy Candido?
I think you’re right about J. Pat O’Malley’s likeness being up there twice!
MrsPhilHarris teire 61 months ago
Love The Phil Harris Alice Faye radio show. Hilarious.
That is J Pat twice. Bill Thompson looks nothing like J Pat ...
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