Can you guess what TV show Peter Falk is on?

He was in everything from variety shows to Westerns in the 1960s.


Five-time Emmy winner and two-time Oscar nominee Peter Falk had the kind of career most actors dream of. He found success in both TV and film in an era when the two Hollywood industries were still very separate.

Although he's most famous for playing a certain detective, he had been acting on TV for more than a decade before landing the role.

Here are 10 of Peter Falk early television appearances. Can you guess which show each one is from?

  1. Peter Falk's most famous TV role is the titular detective on...
  2. Falk played a paranoid revolutionary in "The Mirror," an episode of...
  3. Falk played a mobster in which early '60s crime show?
  4. Here is Falk on which sketch show?
  5. Falk played a medical intern on...
  6. Falk appeared in a color episode of which Western?
  7. Falk appeared with Janet Leigh in an episode of the anthology series: Bob Hope Presents...
  8. Falk also appeared in this suspenseful anthology series...
  9. Falk played a gambler in which Western?
  10. Falk played the lead role of a Shakespeare-quoting defense attorney on which short-lived legal series?

Can you guess what TV show Peter Falk is on?

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TSeym22 40 months ago
7/10. Could have been worse . . .
Daizy531 40 months ago
6/10 Things got a little messy.. the only show I seen Peter Falk in was columbo..
40 months ago
I would never watch any film or TV show featuring this man. He was so cruel and disrespectful toward his first wife.
FLETCH 40 months ago
6 out of 10
Looks like things got a little messy
Lacey 40 months ago
I have actually seen episodes of "The Trials of O'Brien."
If it had come out a year or two later it might have been a memorable classic of the age.
A little ahead of its time.
JHP 40 months ago

and any question that has to deal with a western show (BW) is a shank for me
frenchman71 40 months ago
8/10. I missed #6. I even saw that episode of "Wagon Train" but I don't remember it being in color.
Filmnoirfan 40 months ago
7/10 - missed the last two. Uh, just one more thing...
Coloumbo 40 months ago
3 out 10, I should have stop when I was winning damn fool the saga continues....
retired2019 40 months ago
7/10. Not bad for a Friday night!
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