Can you correctly punctuate these classic TV show titles?

Put these exclamation points and question marks into the correct places!


Image: The Everett Collection

Some TV titles have more than letters. We're talking ampersands, asterisks, exclamation points and other punctuation marks.

We removed the punctuation from some TV tiles. See if you can add them back in.

Careful: They might not always need it!!

  1. What is missing from the end of: Jeopardy
  2. What is missing from: M A S H
  3. What is missing from: Mission Impossible
  4. What is the properly punctuated title for: Scooby Doo Where Are You
  5. Complete this Western title: Have Gun Will Travel
  6. What is the proper title of: Married with Children
  7. How about: ALF
  8. What's happening with: What's Happening
  9. Can you get a break with: Gimme a Break
  10. Can you outsmart: Get Smart
  11. What's missing from: Gomer Pyle USMC
  12. We're getting deeper now with: Judd for the Defense
  13. Robert Loggia starred in the hip action series: The Cat

Can you correctly punctuate these classic TV show titles?

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Newyorkcitygal 37 months ago
Finally Stumped me with a hard one lol! Will start paying more attention to punctuation from now on...
rockinsuzy 37 months ago
I never even thought about punctuation in titles. I remember now that I have seen the answers.
Pacificsun 37 months ago
You could've done MFU.

But at least you included Gomer Pyle.
Marshall_Kolchak 37 months ago
7/13 it seems i've got some #&!@* to learn about punctuation!
Catman 37 months ago
Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat, if memory serves. Too lazy to look it up, but I remember loving that show.
Catman Catman 37 months ago
Crashed and burned on the quiz, BTW.
PortelaJ 37 months ago
10-13. Not 2 bad. Always enjoy Robert Loggia. Enjoy a safe weekend MeTV gang. Don’t forget, Spring forward.
jimmyvici 37 months ago
9/13...never heard of the last few
hermanstein2015 37 months ago
3/13 I guess I needed to pay more attention lol.
robyni23 37 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Holy cow!! You did it!! Nice… work!
Had to take it twice!
TheDavBow3 37 months ago
Missed two questions, #4 and #5. But not bad overall.
kathyo 37 months ago
love taking the quizzes and reading everyone's response to them: heart-eyes:9/13
MarkSpeck 37 months ago
12 out of 13. Missed on Have Gun--Will Travel.
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