Test your Green Acres trivia knowledge with this fan-made quiz!

You won’t need an actual green thumb to pass this quiz, but it couldn’t hurt!

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Thanks to MeTV fan Steve Timmins from Wakefield, Massachusetts, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

Classic sitcom Green Acres always went as wacky as possible and was all the better for it. The show was never afraid to break the fourth wall, make a pig one of its smartest characters or build on running gags season after season.

How well do you know the world of Green Acres? Put your Hooterville knowledge to the test with this fan-made quiz!

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  1. Why was Oliver fired from the first law firm he worked at?
  2. Where is the Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor Company located?
  3. Which of these communities is NOT near Hooterville?
  4. In the third season, Arnold the pig goes missing because he...
  5. In the first season episode “The Price of Apples,” the Douglases meet Hank Kimball’s cousin. What does he do for a living?
  6. In the first season episode “Double Drick,” when Oliver goes to the County Power Department to get electricity for the farmhouse, why is he given the number 22 and told to wait?
  7. Sarah, the telephone operator, is the mother of...
  8. What does Hank Kimball use the lab equipment in his office for?
  9. Why was Oliver kicked out of the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department?
  10. In the third season episode “Don’t Count Your Tomatoes Until They’re Picked,” Oliver won’t eat Lisa’s “Hot Water Soup” but who thoroughly enjoys it?

Test your Green Acres trivia knowledge with this fan-made quiz!

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Newyorkcitygal 6 months ago
8/10 pretty good for not really liking GA that much.
Tommy 6 months ago
8/10... Never really got into this show but liked it. Eva Gabor was nice eye candy. Hope all have a great weekend
Mark091 7 months ago
Does anyone know which episode
Of GREEN ACRES where actor
Robert Foulk made his last appearance playing the role of
Roy Trendell?
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
The last appearance of Newt Kiley (Kay Kuter) was in the
Season 5 episode The Case of
The Hooterville Refund Fraud.
Even though Newt Kiley was.not
Seen on Green Acres on season
6 the other characters in
Hooterville still mentioned
NEWT KILEY'S name he just
Wasn't seen on the show.
So I guess that Newt Kiley
Still lived in Hooterville during
Season 6 his character just wasn't seen on the show.
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
The Case of the Hooterville
Refund Fraud will be seen on
METV on Thursday March 25th
At 9:30pm This Episode of
Green Acres is the last appearance of farmer
NEWT KILEY played by actor
Kay Kuter.
SteveTimmins Mark091 7 months ago
Perhaps they should wait and show it on April 15th.
Mark091 7 months ago
On GREEN ACRES when Oliver Douglas(Eddie Albert ) made those
Speeches about the farmers being
The backbone of our country there
Was a Fife playing a song.
Does anyone know the name of
The song the Fife was playing?
Wasn't there an episode on the
6th season of Green Acres where
Oliver finally heard the Fife that
Everyone else in Hooterville heard
But Oliver Douglas never heard the
Fife? If there was an episode on
Season 6 of Green Acres where
Oliver finally heard the Fife then
What was the episode about?

Σ(ಠ_ಠ)Σ Of our countrythare
Randall 7 months ago
I had the privilege of driving through Pixley, California on state highway 99 from Palm Springs up to see my Cousin in Sacramento!
Kittywhisperer 7 months ago
Mr. Haney was both married and unmarried. I can't remember which episode he mentioned he had in a wife in, but when Lisa's Mom came for one of her visits he was written as unmarried and was one of her potential suiters.
7 months ago
3 out of 10? Shame on me!
Mark091 7 months ago
Does anyone know what was the
First name of Mr Haney ?
Also on Green Acres Mr Haney
Said that he had a wife but Viewers
Never saw Mr Haney's wife on the show.
bobbygood 7 months ago
4/10 I am Obviously not a fan of Green Acres.
GregLemieux 7 months ago
How do you submit a fan-based quiz. I e-mailed one for THE TIME TUNNEL to ME-TV and never heard back. I asked on their Facebook page, and some wise guy told me they don't take fan-based quizzes. I'd print it out and mail it to them if I could find an address. Thank you for any help.
Mark091 GregLemieux 7 months ago
Yes you can now send in a quiz
About your favorite TV shows
On METV but I don't know the
Address of MeTv to mail in your
TV Trivia Questions about your
Favorite TV shows on METV.
Does anyone know the address
Where you can mail in your
Favorite TV shows on METV??
I think that METV is in Chicago.
I wonder if MeTV viewers can
Mail in TV Trivia questions about
TV shows that are NOT on METV.
SteveTimmins GregLemieux 7 months ago
When I inquired about submitting my quiz, this was their reply:
Thank you for being a fan!

Yes, we love quizzes thought of by our fans. You can feel free to send it through the Contact page on our site (how you sent this message).

Generally people who submit quizzes will send us 10 questions with the 4 multiple choice answers and the right answer.

We can do more questions, or 3 multiple choice answers too, but sometimes fewer options makes it too easy for people to guess.

When you submit your quiz, select Website/App, and write your quiz in the body of the message.

Mark091 7 months ago
Was Hooterville in ILLINOIS?
SteveTimmins Mark091 7 months ago
Pixley was approximately 300 miles west of Chicago. Oliver first noted the proximity of Hooterville and Pixley to Chicago to Lisa in "Oliver Buys a Farm". The distance of 300 miles was later stated by Mr. Haney in "Flight to Nowhere." And Hooterville is north of Pixley. Although never mentioned in Green Acres, this orientation was established in the first Petticoat Junction episode "Short Line to Shady Rest", when the C&FW's board is looking at the map of the railroad system and discover the branch line. Likewise, the distance between Hooterville and Downtown Pixley is never stated in Green Acres, but it appears to be about 30 miles - based on simple math. In "Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel", Fred mentions to Lisa that Arnold has walked home from South Pixley in about an hour and a half.
DW SteveTimmins 6 months ago
So you think Arnold walked at 20 MPH? Doesn’t that seem kind of fast?
Mark091 7 months ago
Does anyone know which actor or
Actress on Green Acres who is the
Only cast member of GREEN ACRES
Who is still living?
I know the Answer to that question
But I want to see if anyone else
Knows the answer to that question.
bobbygood Mark091 7 months ago
Arnold Ziffel?
Mark091 bobbygood 7 months ago
ARNOLD ZIFFEL is a good guess
But my answer is DARLENE
WHEELER played by Judy McConnell from 1970-1971.
This information comes from
The ninth edition 2007 of the
Book The Complete Directory to
Prime Time Network and Cable
TV shows 1946,-Present.
Also according to all 9 editions
1979 1981 1985 1988 1992.1995
1999 2003.and 2007 of The
Complete Directory to Prime Time Network And Cable TV
Shows 1946-Present NEWT
KILEY played by actor Kay Kuter
Was a regular CAST member of
Green Acres from 196-1970.
This book was written by
Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh.
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
Cast member for Green Acres:
NEWT KILEY (1965-1970) Kay Kuter..
Also Darlene Wheeler was the
Daughter of MR Wheeler played
By Robert Foulk who had a bigger role playing Roy Trendal
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
Darlene Wheeler was Ebs girlfriend and he was engaged
To DARLENE according to the
Writers of season 6 of Green Acres. But the writers of the
1990 TV reunion Return to Green Acres Forgot about DARLENE WHEELER because in the reunion movie Eb Dawson Tom
Lester was now married to
Flo played by Actress Lucy Lee
Flippen and Eb had several
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
Lucy Lee Flippen also played
Fran Castleberry Flo's sister
On the TV show FLO which was
A spin off of Linda Lavins show
Mark091 Mark091 7 months ago
I spelled Roy's last name wrong
On Green Acres. It is Roy Trendell not Roy Trendall .
raymondo 7 months ago
guess im half right and half left. hey arent we all hmm
DerekBird 7 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
This quiz was no problem for the ol' noggin. Great job!
FLETCH 7 months ago
4 out of 10...pretty much all guesses. I enjoyed watching the whole series since it was before my time but MeTV can take it off the air now and show something else.

The same with
Hogan's Heroes - never liked that show
Andy Griffith - which I love
Gomer Pyle - which I also love

With so many other classic TV shows, why does MeTV keep showing the same ones over and over and over again??
Daizy531 FLETCH 7 months ago
I agree Fletch not only do they play the same shows but they rerun the same episodes I've stopped watching Me tv for that reason
FestusFan2312 FLETCH 7 months ago
Have to totally disagree. Even if Hogan’s Heroes only had one episode it would be better to watch it over and over that 99% of everything else ever on tv. The same goes with Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke. These are timeless with scripts, laughs, and character actors that cannot be duplicated today. If it were not for METV and these shows I’d never watch television again. Most everything else is a wasteland.
Marshall_Kolchak 7 months ago
6/10 6 more than i thought i would get...
Mark091 7 months ago
I have 2 Green Acres TRIVIA
There was one Green Acres character
Who was NOT on Green Acres .
For season 6 . Which Hooterville
Resident was not on Green Acres
On season 6??
There was one actor on Green Acres
Who played two different roles.
Name the actor and the 2 roles
He played.
SteveTimmins Mark091 7 months ago
I believe the regular cast member who did not appear in Season Six was Sid Melton (Alf Munroe). Robert Foulk was the actor who played two different roles in the show - Roy Trendell, then later he was Mr. Wheeler, the father of one of Eb's girlfriends. Still love the scene where Eb, having wrecked Mr. Wheeler's truck, is loading his cabbages into the back seat of Oliver's Lincoln Continental.
Mark091 SteveTimmins 7 months ago
The Hooterville Resident who was not seen on season 6 of
Green Acres was NEWT KILEY
(Kay Kuter). NEWT KILEY also
Was not seen in the reunion movie RETURN to Green Acres.
Mark091 SteveTimmins 7 months ago
You are also right.
Alf Monroe Played by SID MELTON was also not seen on
Season 6 of Green Acres just
Like NEWT KILEY was not seen
On season six of Green Acres.
I don't know or understand why
Actor Robert Foulk quit playing
Roy Trendall and switched to the role of MR. Wheeler.
Mr. Wheeler was the father of
DARLENE WHEELER (Ebs girlfriend).
SteveTimmins Mark091 7 months ago
That is correct. However, although Newt Kiley would ocassionally make appearances in Green Acres episodes (usually at Drucker's Store or in Chamber of Commerce meetings), the character was never central to the episode plot - with the possible exception of "The Great Hooterville Tax Fraud", where Kiley gets one of the refund checks. As such, I wouldn't consider him to be a regular cast member - although Kay Kuter played the role very well ("Yes Mister Kiley?". "We're missing Gomer Pyle").
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