Can you guess the Western character based on a description?

Buckle your seatbelts and let's take a wild trip to the West!

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Watching the adventures of characters in the West makes you want to go outside and catch some bad guys. The Fifties and Sixties were the most popular decades for this television genre, but many of the shows are still watched today.

Even better, you can get a dose of Westerns right here on MeTV! If you believe you're an ultimate fan of the West, this quiz is for you. With so many characters to choose from, can you guess which ones we're describing?

Good luck!

  1. This Western character is a widower and a father of two daughters. He counts on his sister-in-law to care for the girls while he works along a trail.
  2. This Western character is intimidating, but he turns into a gentle giant once you get to know him.
  3. This Western character served as a U.S. Marshal and is dedicated to law and order.
  4. This Western character is a graduate and veteran who often tries to avoid using violence to settle differences, although he's not scared to battle.
  5. This Western character overcame cowpox and fought in the Civil War.
  6. This Western character is a loveable father of three who tries to help anyone in need.
  7. This Western character earned money from a turkey shooting contest and bought a ranch to raise his son.
  8. This Western character is a wagon master.
  9. This Western character is a bounty hunter who helps those in need, especially wrongfully convicted prisoners.
  10. This Western character is a special agent in the U.S. Secret Service and is a ladies' man.

Can you guess the Western character based on a description?

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