Can you guess the TV town spelled out in these emojis?

Add these symbols together to figure out which show these towns are from!

The setting of many classic shows is just as important as any of the plotlines or characters. Whether it's a friendly small town, an expansive ranch, or a city apartment, the places our favorite characters inhabit help create the world of the show.

How well do you know the towns from classic television? Enough to figure them out with emojis alone? We've put together symbols that represent TV cities from Westerns, sitcoms, and more. Try to match each city to the correct show!

  1. Together these emojis represent the town from which Western?
  2. These emojis spell the town from which cartoon?
  3. Can you decipher the right sitcom from the town that these emojis spell?
  4. This retro car logo hints at the name of the town from which Western?
  5. These symbols represent the town and state from which show?
  6. This state shares a name with the town from which Western?
  7. These emojis combine to form the name of a neighboring town in which show?
  8. The sitcom town these emojis represent is from which show?
  9. The town spelled out here is from which sci-fi show?
  10. Can you decode this town's name then guess which series it's from?

Can you guess the TV town spelled out in these emojis?

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LoWorley 2 months ago
8/10 because I didn’t get the hang of it early on.
Charleshorse 2 months ago
Rockfish? Isn't that what Issac Hayes used to call Jim Rockford on the Rockford Files? How do I remember that? Anyway, that was a fun quiz :)
johnnypatio 3 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed # 7, had to do with Waltons, never watched and took a guess.
Zip 3 months ago
8 out of 10. Thought I would do worse. I am not always that good at these types of quizzes.
Number 4 had me stumped for a while. Chrysler building??? What??? ;-) I did eventually figure that one out.
Gossemer 3 months ago
Woot 9 of 10, not bad. Guess the brain hasn't totally stopped yet!
CouchPotato987 3 months ago
I didn’t catch the rockfish puzzler…lol
Couldn’t stand the boring Waltons.
Susan00100 CouchPotato987 2 months ago
Me, neither. I wish MeTV would dump it and bring back DIAGNOSIS:MURDER.
wkgrw333 3 months ago
Don’t think too deep on some of these
FLETCH 3 months ago
Sorry, this is a dumb one. I stopped after the 2nd question. And I enjoy the MeTV quizzes...not this one
JERRY6 3 months ago
9 out of 10 stick a fork in it ? stick a fork in me for missing bonanza ,feel stupid after this
John111911Smith 3 months ago
8/10. I started out wrong trying to match the emoji to the series name...Duhhh !!
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