Can you guess the top-rated episode of these classic sitcoms according to IMDb?

Which episodes of The Brady Bunch, Happy Days and Gilligan’s Island are fan favorites?

IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, harnesses the power of the web to amalgamate anything and everything you could possibly want to know about movies and TV shows. 

IMDb also gives users the power to rate pieces of entertainment. That's what this quiz is all about. Can you guess which episode of these classic sitcoms was rated the highest on IMDb?

It's important to note that these have nothing to do with the original TV ratings. Some answers may surprise you, as favorite episodes have changed and evolved over the years. Good luck!

  1. What's the top-rated episode of The Brady Bunch?
  2. What's the top-rated episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?
  3. What's the top-rated episode of Gilligan’s Island?
  4. What's the top-rated episode of The Andy Griffith Show?
  5. What's the top-rated episode of The Honeymooners?
  6. What's the top-rated episode of Happy Days?
  7. What's the top-rated episode of M*A*S*H?
  8. What's the top-rated episode of The Addams Family?
  9. What's the top-rated episode of Green Acres?
  10. What's the top-rated episode of Leave it to Beaver?
  11. What's the top-rated episode of The Jetsons?
  12. What's the top-rated episode of The Beverly Hillbillies?

Can you guess the top-rated episode of these classic sitcoms according to IMDb?

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VirginiaNoyes 8 months ago
I don't agree with some of the answers. A couple of those shows I really did not watch.
Susan00100 28 months ago
4/12. Truth be told, I never watched some of these shows.
dekane54 29 months ago
Well since I post when I do well I might as well tell the truth I only got 2 right! I guess I don't agree with these people.
FLETCH 29 months ago
4 out of 12
Susan00100 FLETCH 28 months ago
Awww, it's not worth crying over. Weeping emojis just break my heart!
29 months ago
5 out of 12. I'm so ashamed!
FLETCH Pilaf 29 months ago
If it makes you feel any better, I got 4
JERRY6 29 months ago
6 of 12 my worst score to date
JERRY6 JERRY6 28 months ago
just call me Jethro
wvpirate 29 months ago
I thought the highest rated episode is where Granny encountered the kangaroo
LH 29 months ago
I loved LITB “In the Soup,” but “the Haircut” episode always puts me in stitches. And
I LOVED Larry Mondelo and Eddie Haskell!!!
LH 29 months ago
The haircut episode still cracks me up!
Randall 29 months ago
How can ABBYSSINA HENRY be the # 1 rated episode of MASH? I thought THE MASH FINALE GOOD BYE, FAREWELL and AMEN was one of the highest rated broadcasts in the history of TV?
Randall 29 months ago
Me, too!
DavidBartholomew Randall 28 months ago
In the introduction, they aren't talking about ratings, they are talking public opinion 10, 20 or more years after the original broadcast.
Still doesn't make any sense.
Wendy57 29 months ago
Missed #7 & #12
Challenging, because I usually don’t pay attention to the episode titles much.
Charlotte 29 months ago
My top rated & every one else are sooo different!
Dajj 29 months ago
5/12 I didnt guess good enough!!
lynngdance 29 months ago
Just randomly, I was looking through some photos of mine and found a picture I took from my sketchbook, (I just now got it digitized). I drew this a couple Halloweens ago and thought I’d post it now that The Addams Family is on METV. 🙂
lynngdance lynngdance 29 months ago
Get it? English? Because Pepe is French 😆
frances3agape lynngdance 28 months ago
Hey, Lynn, you could become a millionaire by selling your sketch as an NFT crypto investment !
May I please have a measley 1% commission for steering you in that direction?

PS - Honestly, I had never heard of such a thing until earlier this year.
You can google it or read one of these well-known, trustworthy sources
1) What's An NFT? And Why Are People Paying Millions To Buy Them?
2) What is an NFT? Non-fungible tokens explained

PS - I LOVE your drawing (I still only do stick people!) and am NOT mocking it.
Just mocking the concept
Moverfan frances3agape 28 months ago
My cousin can draw beautifully and never had a lesson in her life, a talent she apparently inherited from our maternal grandfather. My talent runs more to I-can-draw-a-turkey-if-I-trace-my-hand and I am extremely envious of all three of you! Beautiful artwork, Madame!
frances3agape Moverfan 28 months ago
There must be a certain area of the brain that makes people art savants (and I guess math, music and other talents).
My youngest brother is naturally talented like your cousin.
LOL - I had forgotten all about the hand-turkey drawings! Mine were always third-rate. Usually moved my hand at least once while tracing.
THANK YOU for the reminder that I'm not the only non-artistic (and non-dextrous) person in the world
Moverfan frances3agape 28 months ago
As I've gotten older, I've found that my talents fall more toward the written word. But I have hand-made cards from my cousin, a series of drawings from my grandfather (who I never knew) and all kinds of little knicknacks and things that my dad made and I still wish I could do stuff like that.
frances3agape Moverfan 28 months ago
I got such a warm, fuzzy feeling readiing about your precious, family heirlooms.
Will always be cherished reminders of important people in your life.
Peace, Love, Blessings, Health and Happiness!
Lacey 29 months ago
I have to ask if Goodbye, Farewell, Amen was the top-rated show in US history at the time, how could it NOT be ht top-rated MASH episode?
MadMadMadWorld Lacey 29 months ago
You are confusing two different things! GFA was the most-watched show in the entire U.S. audience from the Nielsen's rate organization. But, the TOP-RATED show was from all the individual RATERS who rate episodes from 1-10. See the difference now?
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