Can you match these landscapes to the right opening credits sequence?

Westerns weren’t the only shows with mountains in the opening sequence!


A good opening credits sequence for any TV show has to get across a lot of information in a short amount of time. While some only focus on the actors, many also show off the setting of the series.

A city skyline is a common trope for any program set in an urban area but what about a rural sitcom, a sci-fi show or a Western? That’s where the following landscapes come in. Try to match these mountains, forests and otherworldly backdrops seen in classic opening credits sequences to the right show!

  1. These mountains are seen in the beginning of...
  2. This landscape (and seascape) are from the opening credits of...
  3. This barren landscape is from the first season opening of...
  4. This rural landscape zips by in the opening of...
  5. This horizon is from the opening of...
  6. This forest is from the opening of...
  7. This mountain is shown in the first season opening of...
  8. This sci-fi landscape is from the opening of...
  9. These majestic mountains are from the opening of...
  10. This Western landscape is from the opening of...
  11. These rolling hills are from the opening of...
  12. This eerie blue landscape is from the opening of...

Can you match these landscapes to the right opening credits sequence?

Your Result...

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Susan00100 35 months ago
"Beverly Hillbillies" was a giveaway, what with Jed Clampett at the lower left of the photo!!
Susan00100 35 months ago
8/12. I always wondered what name were those Mts. in "Bonanza".
cripplious Susan00100 3 months ago
Sierra Nevadas depending on where you are looking
Shatner1 36 months ago
10/12--Got thrown by Bonanza--unforgiveable!
MikefromJersey 36 months ago
9 for 12. I forgot Rule 1, if you don't know the answer, choose the series that runs on MeTV.
PilotTom 36 months ago
I got 10 out of 12 after guessing two of them . I would love to know where the house is or was that is in question number 4 ! No one can tell me where the two story white house in the opening of Green Acres is at or was at . I have asked everyone I know and have written the networks with no reply . If anyone knows where this two story house is or was please post . Thanks , Tom
MikefromJersey PilotTom 36 months ago
Hi Tom, I always wondered where that house was located as well. I do know that in the fictional
universe that Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction exist in, their location is
in southern Missouri, in the Ozarks, near Silver Dollar City. If you pay attention in the painfully
bad last season of the Hillbillies, their home is definitely situated there. It's slow going thru
those episodes, their country cousin Shorty is the center of many of them and they just don't
PilotTom MikefromJersey 35 months ago
Thanks for the reply . I just saw it after 13 day , just figured out how to go back and check post . I have written the original tv network that aired Green Acres and no reply .
dekane54 36 months ago
Bad bad I got 7 out of 12! I shouldn't have missed Bonanza
Zip 36 months ago
10 out of 12. Thought I would do a lot worse. Guessed at a bunch of them.
Lillyrose 36 months ago
4 out of 12.
Lillyrose 36 months ago
Don't feel bad. I got 6 out of 12.
Didn't care for most of the "rural shows," but we watched the Waltons.
JERRY6 36 months ago
9 of 12 another fail , i'm getting worse by the minute
John111911Smith 36 months ago
8/12. I have no excuse. At least I didn't cheat.
Toot1956 36 months ago
Better I thought 10/12 pretty good.
Adanor 36 months ago
8/12 -- I was certain of the MASH landscape, and educated, wild guesses for all the others. As a lifelong Virginian, that "Walton" mountain didn't even look like it remotely belonged in Virginia.
BeachBaby Adanor 36 months ago
I grew up in Upper East Tennessee just ten minutes from the Virginia border and I thought the same thing!
HopeDuchaine 36 months ago
8/12. If you look real close at #6 you can see Jed in the bottom left corner.
Wenatchee7 36 months ago
12/12 Didn't see that coming with a guess or 2
MaryAnn 36 months ago
8/12 The Westerns got me again!
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