Can you guess the TV show by how it named each episode?

The one with the case of the incident with the log number story.


Have you ever wondered how TV writers come up with names for each episode of a show? Sometimes it’s as simple as calling them "Episode 1, Episode 2," etc. There are others shows that use a line from the episode as the title.

Certain series, however, are more inventive. The creators and writers will come up with rules for how each episode should be named. Of course, some shows stick closer to their own naming rules more than others.

The quiz below tests your knowledge of twelve classic TV shows that used specific naming conventions, whether it be each and every episode, episodes from a given season, or just the majority of the episodes in a series.

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  1. This show's episode titles all started with "The case of the..."
  2. Most of this sitcom's episodes used the names of pop songs like "Baby Love" and "Help Me Rhonda"
  3. Most episode titles of this show started with "Incident..."
  4. With a few exceptions, this show named every episode "The one with/where..."
  5. The 1950s version of this show called each episode "The Big..."
  6. "The Night of the..." is how each episode of this show is named
  7. A majority of this show's episode titles had the word "angels" in them
  8. This show started each episode name with a "Log" number for its first three seasons
  9. This show used "The _____ Story" for it's episode titles
  10. This show began each episode name with "Who Killed....?" for its first two seasons
  11. "The _____ Affair" was the title of each of this show's episodes
  12. Almost every episode of this show was named "The _____ Raid"

Can you guess the TV show by how it named each episode?

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Nightshade1972 4 months ago
3/12. Never heard of, and/or never watched, any of the ones I missed.
DerekBird 37 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
You can really name names!
Muleskinner 49 months ago
12/12. This one took some thought but it sure brought back a lot of memories.
EllisClevenger 53 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
You can really name names!
Missed #8.
DavidBarker 53 months ago
You got 5 out of 12

MrBill 53 months ago
8/12; missed #4 and the last three questions.
Lacey 53 months ago
11 out of 12.
I guess I paid more attention to titles than I thought.
JERRY6 53 months ago
10 of 12 i can really name names
tom78 53 months ago
9/12...........missed 3,4,8......!
Wiseguy 53 months ago
Jake and the Fatman, like ALF, also used song titles as episode titles.
(And why doesn't MeTV (or anybody) show Jake and the Fatman? Both the parent program (Matlock) and the offspring (Diagnosis Murder) have been shown often on many networks including MeTV.)
moax429 Wiseguy 53 months ago
Perhaps because there weren't enough episodes of "Jake and the Fatman" made in order for it to qualify it for syndication (at least 100 episodes have to be produced for that to happen).

By the way - 9/12.
Wiseguy 53 months ago
Many episodes of the first two seasons of the first revival of Dragnet also used "The Big..." in the titles.
KellyShort 53 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
You can really name names!

missed 3 and 5 WESTERNS hate the things
daDoctah 53 months ago
When I saw the premise, I said to myself "Friends and U.N.C.L.E have got to be in here".

Now here's one they didn't use: what short-lived cop series began with the narrator saying "tonight's episode..." followed by one title, while a completely different title flashed up on the screen? (Hint: the lead actor was a Canadian.)
PreciousPup daDoctah 53 months ago
Police Squad
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