Can you guess the right Popeye cartoon title written in his accent?

These animated shorts reflect Popeye’s parkituler way of talkink.

Classic cartoon characters are known just as much, if not more, for how they speak as how they look. Looney Tunes characters each have their own memorable accents, but Popeye might just have the most iconic speech pattern.

The spinach-guzzling sailor’s unique pronunciations even show up in the titles of his cartoons! Here are 12 Popeye shorts with names that match his speech. We’ve translated each one into “proper” English. Can you guess what the actual title is?

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  1. It's not "Strong to the Finish" it's...
  2. It's not "Season’s Greetings!" it's...
  3. It's not "Be Kind to Animals" it's...
  4. It's not "I like Babies and Infants" it's...
  5. It's not "Shoeing Horses" it's...
  6. It's not "Vim, Vigor and Vitality" it's...
  7. It's not "Wild Elephants" it's...
  8. It's not "What a Nightmare" it's...
  9. It's not "Women are a Mystery" it's...
  10. It's not "Protect the Weakest" it's...
  11. It's not "Olive’s Birthday Present" it's...
  12. It's not "Child Psychology" it's...

Can you guess the right Popeye cartoon title written in his accent?

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Cherokee316 3 months ago
5/12 Shooda eats ma spinich wen a youngn'.
RobertK 3 months ago
5 of 12. C'mon, only 5? Really? After all that flippin' spinach I've eaten?
TheSentinel 4 months ago
11/12 - I "missked" #5, ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack! :D
top_cat_james_1 4 months ago
!2/12--Not a blastid idjit like the "Cartoon Curator", who can't even pronounsk the titles correctly.
I agree. Sometimes Bill screws up on the titles, but better him than Toonie! Toonie's been in the water too much his head is starting to swell up. Don't even get me started on "Sventoonie." I know he's a fish, but he's drowing in that show.
By the way I got 10/12. I thought "Shoein Hosses" had something to do with Bonanza! Incidentally, changing the subject (sort of now) I saw this on a google search:
" › f › p'Yogi Bear' is coming to MeTV starting May 7 2022 | Fandom
Kevinpendergast · 12/2/2021 in General 'Yogi Bear' is coming to MeTV starting May 7 2022"
Supposedly replacing the Bev. Hillibillies Sat. morning at 6am adding to the Sat. Morning Cartoons. Is this true?
Spiro 4 months ago
10/12 Got 5&12 wrong. #12 I didn't sound it phonetically.

What's Popeye's nephews names?

Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, & Poopeye.
jtrain 4 months ago
9/12, #9, 11,and 12 wrong. Was doing great until the end.. at guessing!
PulsarStargrave 4 months ago

"Hey, dis guy is tryin' to ruin my racket!"- BLUTO
rstuv 4 months ago
PulsarStargrave rstuv 4 months ago
"Who's the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow?"
Popeye the Sailor, who elske?
Snickers 4 months ago
Wasn't going to try this quiz since I haven't seen a Popeye cartoon in about 40 years. Finished 5/12.
AllisonWunderland 4 months ago
“Wotta Nitemare” my score was 😬😂
ME too!! I haven't see a Popeye cartoon in over 50 years, missed the first 5 gave up
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