How many Popeye characters can you name?

Do you know his friends, enemies and even pets?

Popeye’s can-do attitude, his fondness for canned greens and his willingness to stand up to bullies have made him a popular character in comics and cartoons for nearly a century.

All Popeye fans know the regular roster of personalities that appear most often, but what about the more obscure characters?

Here are ten characters seen in Popeye cartoons. Can you name them all?

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  1. What is Popeye's full title?
  2. What is the name of Popeye's love interest?
  3. Popeye's main rival is...
  4. Do you know this hamburger-loving character?
  5. Who is this little one?
  6. What is the name of Popeye's dad?
  7. Popeye's pet shares a name with a car brand but what is his first name?
  8. Do you know the names of Popeye's identical nephews?
  9. Olive's brother, a prominent character in the comics who only made cameos in the cartoons, was named...
  10. What was the name of this bearded shop owner?

How many Popeye characters can you name?

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lmahabhashyam 3 months ago
9/10 haven’t watched in awhile got the nephews names wrong.
Mercer4life49 5 months ago
10 out of 10. I'm strong to the finich cause I ate me spinach!!
TheSentinel 5 months ago
10/10 - had me a strong finich.
DIGGER1 5 months ago
How many Popeye characters can you name?
You got 10 out of 10
Did you have a strong finach or could you have used more spinach?
I gave a "STRONG FINACH" on this quiz than on the previous quiz. LOL!
Jimo 6 months ago
Strongs to the finish.....I am Popeye.the sailorman..10/10
dmirarh 7 months ago
10/10 (lucky on a few) this was fun.
vinman63 7 months ago
Mad magazine did a spoof where Olive Olye swallow an olive and te doctor said congrats to Popeye.
PIRATECHRIS 7 months ago
Strong to the Finach, but coulda used more Spinach. Missed the last one. 😩

Albert 7 months ago
Before my time too but still grew up watching. I love that MeTv brought back the morning toons but especially love Saturday morning
Albert Albert 7 months ago
Oh yea, 10/10
Toot1956 7 months ago
I hate the old B&W Popeye cartoons b4 my time, never heard of some of the characters.
WilliamJorns 7 months ago
I only missed the one naming Popeye's nephews. Probably because they didn't appear in too many cartoons.
CortneyNicole 7 months ago
Oh darn I missed 3, Gotta eat more spinach.
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