New Popeye and Pink Panther T-shirts now in the MeTV Store

Think pink or show your spinach power in these new shirts, available now!

Do you love Popeye and Pink Panther's Party Saturday mornings on MeTV? Do you tune in to Toon In With Me? Now you can shop our new selection of Popeye and Pink Panther T-shirts in the MeTV Store! Shop for these T-shirts and our whole collection of cartoon T-shirts in the MeTV Store.

Watch Popeye and Pals on MeTV!

Saturdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets

1. Popeye – Pop Group


Popeye, Olive Oyl, and the whole gang all on one T-Shirt!


2. Popeye – I Heart Spinach


Show your love for spinach and Popeye in this T-Shirt!


3. Popeye – Sweethearts


Buy one for you and one for your sweetheart!


4. Popeye – Wimpy’s Burgers


A great T-Shirt for fellow burger lovers!


5. Popeye – Old Game


A fun 8-bit video game design!


6. Pink Panther – Cool Cat


A T-Shirt for Cool Cats only.


7. Pink Panther – Ant and Aardvark


The classic foes: Ant and Aardvark.


8. Pink Panther – Say Oui


Say "oui” to this T-Shirt!


9. Pink Panther – Smart Cat


Show you’ve got smarts with this T-Shirt!


10. Pink Panther – Think Pink


Be like the Pink Panther and think pink!


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bdettlingmetv 32 months ago
Attention Web Master: The "SHOP NOW" button is non-functional.
top_cat_james_1 32 months ago
RE: "Don't Say Si" shirt--You've got the Inspector design from the feature films instead of the shorts, and Sgt. Deux-Deux is absent (who is the Inspector saying it to?) Poorly conceived and designed: NO SALE.
Runeshaper 32 months ago
Gotta love Popeye and Pink Panther! You should consider making Mens' fitted t-shirts and even perhaps XS sizes (-:
Moriyah 32 months ago
Jesus Lord, please let the people from the MeTV store get the license to do Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. shirts, Lord. And I also ask father, that it would be at least sometime around my birthday, Lord. But if not my birthday, then please let it be here around Christmas time, Lord. And I also ask father, that they would draw a lot of people's attention and buy them, Lord. And father, you know how bad I want that to be the case, Lord. You know whether or not that will ever be the case as well, lord. You know how long it will be before they actually get the license to do it, Lord. So father, PLEASE in the name of Jesus, let the people from the store get the license to do Gomer Pyle shirts, Lord. And it's in Jesus's name that I pray to you. Amen!
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