Can you guess the decade from these vintage candlestick ads?

Can you place these candlesticks in the right decade? Would you display your candles on any of these today?


December 3 is National Candle Day! 

Candles are a great way to brighten and freshen up any room of the house. Today, there are endless amounts of candle scents you can buy, especially during the holidays. There are so many candle names out there, you might not be able to tell them apart from certain Twilight Zone episodes!

Candles have been around for a long, long time and so have candlesticks! Whether for functional purposes or for decoration, have you used candlesticks in your home? 

Can you guess the decade from these vintage candlestick ads? 

Good luck!

  1. What decade do you think this ad came out?
  2. What about this one?
  3. This ad?
  4. Can you guess what decade this candlestick ad was released?
  5. When did this vintage ad come out?
  6. What about this one?
  7. What decade did this ad come out?
  8. This one?

Can you guess the decade from these vintage candlestick ads?

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Moverfan 15 months ago
Got seven out of eight. Why does number one have a fishie in the candleholder?
DeannaT 19 months ago
I'm not very good at guessing the decade lol I got a 3 out of 8.
bsantaniello 19 months ago
Does anyone remember the uncandle made by Corning? I used to sell them when I worked in a department store.
Moody 19 months ago
A candlestick quiz? I think this confirms that the MeTv staff is running out of ideas. They get an "A" for effort & uniqueness though. 🎁😏
lynngdance 19 months ago
Hi everyone! I’ve been off for a while. (Been really busy lately). But I’m here now and I think I’ll take this time to mention something a bit more interesting than candlestick ads....

It’s Walt Disney’s birthday! 😜
Here’s a cute behind the scenes video of the voice-overs for one of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons. (For those of you who didn’t know, Walt was the first voice of Mickey!) 😊

(Anyway, yes I know this is a compilation of many voiceovers, but the first one is Mickey, and this was the only way I could find the video.)

hrcopter 19 months ago
2/8. I like the one in number 2. Call me traditional.
ELEANOR 19 months ago
Didn't do well at all. Didn't see a single candle holder except for the Tiffany group that I would even consider putting on my mantle piece. Not really sure what that one with the fish was all about.
AllisonWunderland 19 months ago
4/8…We’ll, I got half of ‘em right…so there 😜
That's actually pretty good!
Moody AllisonWunderland 19 months ago
If they were grading on a curve you would get an A. 😁
jtrain 19 months ago
0/8! Wow, can tell I don't but candles!
Barry22 19 months ago
4/8, What, no Hanukkah candles? Oye!!
MaryAnn 19 months ago
4/8 and proud of it! These decade quizzes always trip me up, but they’re fun.
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