Can you guess the '60s series from a single image?

We're putting your true '60 skills to the test!


Sixties shows ranged from small town sitcoms to space adventures to crime dramas. Usually it's easy to tell which one you're in from context... but what if we just cut out a single image? 

Note: It would be too easy to have the main characters front and center for every show, so of course, we had to make this quiz chaotic! There is a piece of the show in every image, though. Good luck!

  1. Let's start with an obvious one. What show is this?
  2. No main characters in this one, but it should be a breeze. What show is this?
  3. What show is this?
  4. This is a Western. What show is it?
  5. You know this one for sure. What show is this?
  6. What show is this?
  7. This one might be easy too. What show is this?
  8. Lastly, what show is this?

Can you guess the '60s series from a single image?

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Antenna2 10 months ago
8, and the dog looked like it was showing it's teeth, not smiling : )
Herbert 16 months ago
I think I will treat myself to some French vanilla ice cream.
CaroleThorpe 16 months ago
You got 8 out of 8
Have you ever seen a dog smile this much? Your score just made his day!
pattijessica 16 months ago
I must have taken 6 quizzes just now. I kept getting only half right in each quiz. I didn’t want to quit until I got a good score. Well I finally did it, 8/8 on Guess the 60s series with a single image. My prize is some much needed rest. Good night all 💤 😴
TheSentinel 16 months ago
8/8 - and it looks more like the dog (Higgins from Petticoat Junction) is snarling rather than smiling.
Coldnorth TheSentinel 16 months ago
I was thinking the same thing. He looks MEAN
TheSentinel 16 months ago
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