Do you know the family cars from classic Sixties sitcoms?

Try to match the make with the model!

Beep! Beep! Classic cars are coming through!

One of the many pleasures of watching vintage television is spotting all the classic cars. The Sixties were a particular beautiful era for automobiles (of course, there were still some fin-tastic Fifties rides still rolling around). 

Every sitcom family needed a car. (Not to mention a sponsor.) Put your car knowledge to the test and try to match the make with the model. Good luck!
  1. The Stephens cruised around in this awesome Camero. Who made this Camero?
    Image: Screen Gems
  2. Ward Cleaver shuttled to work in this Fury on 'Leave It to Beaver' in season three. What make of automobile was the Fury?
  3. Mike Brady was known for his cool convertibles. Was this also a Plymouth Fury?
  4. In the pilot episode, Mike Brady drives this boys in this Polara. What make was the Polara?
  5. The Oliver and Lisa Douglas drive this Marquis on 'Green Acres'. What was the Marquis?
  6. The Stone family cruised in this Comet wagon on 'The Donna Reed Show.' Who made the Comet?
  7. The Anderson clan is piled into their Monterey on 'Father Knows Best,' which ran in reruns for years after ending in 1960. Who made the Monterey?
    Image: Screen Gems
  8. Barney returned to Mayberry in this baby blue Pacer. Who made this Pacer?
  9. Here is a Lark parked on 'Mister Ed'. Who made the Lark?
    Image: Filmways
  10. Agent Maxwell Smart would go get 'em on 'Get Smart' in his Tiger. Who made the Tiger?
  11. The titular car (er, mother?) in 'My Mother the Car' was a fictional make. What did they call it the brand?
    Image: MGM Television

Do you know the family cars from classic Sixties sitcoms?

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PulsarStargrave 16 months ago
I bombed on this one, I had no idea there so many manufacturers in the US besides the Big Three! I always thought the Edsel was a specific model made by Ford!
JERRY6 27 months ago
RedSamRackham JERRY6 2 months ago
* Though that 1928 Porter was built from a restored Ford Model T body with a custom-made "Porter" grill and customized with 1960's automotive technology. ☺
LindaWilliams 37 months ago
You got 10 out of 11

We hope you enjoyed the ride.
MaryHelen 37 months ago
father know best reruns are still showing DAILY!!
STTOS 37 months ago
You got 8 out of 11 - We hope you enjoyed the ride! Knew some and guessed on some. Got fooled by the Pacer. Apparently AMC got the name Pacer from Edsel. Not a wise business decision if you ask me. :)
DBLSECRET 37 months ago
Oliver drove a Lincoln
Tony DBLSECRET 36 months ago
Ford stopped making Lincoln convertibles in the final year of the show so they switched to the Mercury Marquis.
AlF 37 months ago
As long as I can remember, people have been misspelling the word "Camaro". It's really frustrating if you're a spelling notsy like me... Wait, did I say "notsy"??
Dasnake 37 months ago
12 right.
LindaWilliams Dasnake 37 months ago
How did you get 12 when there were only 11
Well, I missed a few so badly, I probably hit their target instead!
AEDC49 37 months ago
We hope you enjoyed the ride 11/11! Please note I always get My MeTV days after it came out so most all people don't even get my correct info like about below!

Please note there was a Porter Car make that was quite advanced to say the least!- The Porter Motor Company was an early United States automobile manufacturer based in Boston, Massachusetts. They made the steam powered Porter Stanhope from 1900 to 1901 and advertised it as "The Only Perfect Automobile".
The light runabout featured an aluminium body and advertisements boasted a weight of 550 lbs. It was capable of 25 mph, and was priced at $750.
Also have the cars are 1950's cars! and they at least could have tried to show the whole car in pictures as some are really only partially shown obviously because that's how scenes were filmed but not for a few scenes I remember like Leave It To Beaver etc!
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