Can you find the real original Flintstones title image?

How well do you know the first opening sequence from the modern stone age?

 Warner Brothers

The impossible-not-to-sing-along-to song “Meet the Flintstones” was not used for the iconic cartoon’s opening credits until the third season. An instrumental big band track called “Rise and Shine” was played while Fred drove home, stopping for a few errands along the way.

Somewhere during this sequence, the title for The Flintstones appears onscreen. All of the images below are taken from the original opening credits but only one of them is the real title shot. Can you spot which one?

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  1. Which one of these is the real Flintstones title used for the first two seasons?

Can you find the real original Flintstones title image?

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nemalki 34 months ago
Got it on the first try. It's still funny to me the first time I've seen this opening was on Cartoon Network for the 40th anniversary of the series. It's always been the second opening for me in syndication.
andyp777 44 months ago
First try, made sense as Fred in their car is an iconic image....
dodgebob 44 months ago
I always get it on the last try. lol, 3 for me.
x60hz11 44 months ago
Wow! First try. I impressed myself.
UTZAAKE 44 months ago
Two tries...all because I misread the question.
Moverfan 44 months ago
Got it...on the third try...and only because I counted up from the last picture. I know that The Flintstones, like Hogan's Heroes, has never been off the air at least somewhere in my lifetime--but I also know that Pebbles Flintstone is a year or so older than I am!
CrowTServo 44 months ago
1st try! Only because I recently watched an early episode. 😁
Jeffrey 44 months ago
''That is the real title! You found it!'' ------------After about 8 tries.
MaryAnn Jeffrey 44 months ago
LOL, I can imagine! I got it on the third try and felt REALLY lucky!
TexasGreek 44 months ago
That is the real title! You found it!
1s try.
Educated guess
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