Who said it: Fred Flintstone or Mr. Haney?

Are these hilarious lines from Hooterville or the stone age?

Mr. Haney from Green Acres has some of classic television's all-time great one-liners. The friendly swindler always had something for someone in need — for a small fee, of course.

Fred Flintstone certainly has his fair share of great gags and harebrained schemes. Can you tell who is who by these lines alone?

Try to guess if Fred Flintstone or Mr. Haney said the following quotes.

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  1. “All it said was I sold you a house and that’s what you got – a house.”
  2. “Droll, very droll.”
  3. “How is it you always need what I show up with?”
  4. “Well, there’s always a few little things that don’t work exactly right.”
  5. “I’m through with working hard; I’m going into show business.”
  6. “Now if you’ll just make out the check to cash, it’ll save a lot of trouble between me and the government.”
  7. “I’m gonna take a divot outta his head with this golf club.”
  8. “More and more that paper of yours is failing to fulfill its obligation to the public…Your comics section has shrunk to almost nothing!”
  9. “Learning to like wallpaper is like pushing a purple straw hat through a keyhole.”
  10. “Maybe I put too much concentrated cactus juice in my new soft drink.”

Who said it: Fred Flintstone or Mr. Haney?

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Sachelle 23 months ago
9/10. I was so confident I was going get a perfect score that I missed one.
EllisClevenger 39 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
That result would make anyone jump for joy. Great job!
Jeffrey 39 months ago
"You got 10 out of 10" -----------That result would make anyone jump for joy. Great job! First try too! Five for Fred, and five for Mr. Haney.
Joshua0853 39 months ago
10 of 10
Two of my favorites.
327053 40 months ago
10 outta 10 Yaba Daba Doo!!!
gene 40 months ago
i am so tired of the flintstones i could up chuck
. i am tired of them the damn ceral, and they are taking over time slots that were for other shows, enough is enough
buckets 40 months ago

Yabba Dabba Doo! Got it!!!
DiamondRBaughman22 40 months ago
9/10, I watch GA more than I do the Flintstones and I got a GA question wrong.
VernCaldwell 40 months ago
Either I watch too much GA and Flintstones or wellllllll I guess I do.
Melissa 40 months ago
The only one I missed is one I accidentally touched scrolling up! It was fun...
BustaNutter1 40 months ago
9/10, but I did breeze through it quickly. It was the wallpaper remark, I never remembered Mr. Haney saying it. As far as what Fred Flintstone said, I'd be stumped. Haven't watched it in over forty years.
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