Can you pass this Flintstones quiz from 1990?

This quiz appeared in newspapers for the 30th anniversary of the popular cartoon. Can you get all the answers?

The Flintstones have been around a long time. And we don't mean since the Stone Age.

Since their 1960 debut, the Flintstones have been America's favorite modern Stone Age family. They've been vitamins, live-action movies, spin-offs, toys, theme park rides... 

In 1990, upon the 30th anniversary of The Flintstones first air date, The Washington Times ran a special story looking back at Fred, Wilma, Barney, and all the rest. Included was a quiz about how well you know the show. Can you ace this quiz from before the new millenium? 

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  1. Who was the voice of the Great Gazoo?
  2. What's the movie playing at the drive-in during the show's credits?
  3. Mr. Slate was Fred's boss at the quarry, except when it was...
  4. Identify the Flintstones' Gruesome neighbors
  5. Where do Fred and Barney and the girls go on vacation, only to find themselves in the middle of a crazed Boy Scout jamboree?
  6. At Fred and Barney's lodge, the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes, how do they address their leader?
  7. What is Fred's middle initial?
  8. Complete this lyric from Rock Roll's song The Twitch: "There's a town I know..."
  9. Complete this passage from the theme song: "Let's ride with the family down the street..."
  10. What gangster was Fred mistaken for when he tried to buy a piano for Wilma for their anniversary?
  11. What was Wilma's shopping-spree battle cry?
  12. How did the Swedish musicians who stayed with the Flintstones introduce themselves?
  13. Fred has a nightmare that his smart-aleck paperboy grows up to marry Pebbles. His name?
  14. When Fred goes to Hawaii to guest-star on the Larry Lava show, what's the line he keeps blowing?
  15. What does Barney do?

Can you pass this Flintstones quiz from 1990?

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jtkrifkan2002 17 days ago
We did see Barney at one job he had. We was a repo man and was sent to take back Fred's TV.
KawiVulc 17 days ago
13/15... don't remember a middle initial or any different bosses Fred had...
jtkrifkan2002 KawiVulc 17 days ago
I seem to remember him being introduced once as "Frederick J. Flintstone", but J was not an option.
TVvuer69 17 days ago
Only 2 wrong. Missed #2 and #14. Still good enough for me.
itsGretchen 17 days ago
"Yabba Dabba Doo! You got 13 out of 15"

Who knew Fred had a middle name?? The other one I missed was the Larry Lava show, pass the poi. I don't remember that one at all! 🤔
mugens 17 days ago
12 out of 15. A couple I missed by accident. But Fred's middle initial I definitely didn't know.
Gayleistoons 17 days ago
15/15...I really enjoy the Flintstones
HpHoward 17 days ago
A real shame nobody is able to produce something as good as the Flintstones today.
dennil1956 17 days ago
Awesome…I got 14 of 15… didn’t know Fred’s middle initial 😱😱 I do now 🤣🤣
RS1515 17 days ago
13 out of 15. Flintstones are an American Institution and always will be.
SMartinez78 17 days ago
I got 12 out of 15. Fun quiz! I Love the Flintstone's
BlobEBlobfan 17 days ago
This was a fun quiz (12/15) because I actually heard Wilma and Betty yelling ‘Charge it!!’ In my head when I got to that question! Yabba Dabba Doo, sure did have some good times watching this on the floor in front of the TV back in the day!
72doug 19 days ago
13/15! missed numbers 8 and 12.
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