Can you find the one show that WASN'T a one-season wonder?

Which of these nine shows went beyond one season?


Generally speaking, the more seasons a television show has, the more successful it is. It makes sense as viewership warrants more than just one season, which warrants more ad revenue which typically means you've got a more successful show on your hands. 

But just because there was only one season, doesn't mean the series didn't have fans, and those fans weren't sad when it was taken off the air. 

There have been way too many one-season wonders to name them all, but we've got a quite a few listed below! In this bunch, can you find the one series that isn't a one-season wonder? It might be difficult when so many of them are bunched together! 

Keep guessing until you pick the right one! 

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  1. Which show had more than one season?

Can you find the one show that WASN'T a one-season wonder?

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Lillyrose 20 months ago
I got the right answer on the first try: Barbary Coast.
MikefromJersey 20 months ago
I loved "Thunderbirds" as a kid, I had a large toy version of the green rescue ship.
But I have to admit the acting was rather wooden.
Get it? Puppets, wooden? That's a joke son.
Foghorn Leghorn rides again!
Kergooliewyn 20 months ago
I got it right first try. I remember watching the show a lot as a kid, and noticing the evolvement, of the characters over time.
( not that I would have used the word "evolvement" as a kid.) 🙂
ClassicTVnut 20 months ago
I didn't keep track. I think it took me about 4 or 5 picks. It's a shame some of those shows only had one season. :(
Ready2go 20 months ago
I DVR Thunderbirds every week in order to watch it the next day.
QazWiz 20 months ago
sure these days there's many 12 or 13 episode series, but in the 60's they had 26 episodes in a full season. so I KNEW thunder-birds was just one season...
GGggggrrrrrrrr ... LITERALLY last one i chose.....
MalachiCrunch 20 months ago
Third try!

One of my all time favs!
Douglas 20 months ago
I got it right on my first try.
hyppymom 20 months ago
Still love watching it!
hyppymom hyppymom 20 months ago
Got it the first try. Educated guess. 🙂
BenSobeleone hyppymom 20 months ago
Entertaining and a great cast!
Zip 20 months ago
Yes! Got it first try! Since I have the dvds, I knew it wasn't Kolchak. And I thought I remembered somewhere deep in my brain that Thunderbirds lasted quite a while for a show with marionettes.

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