Did these actors ever play the same character on another show?

Did these characters truly belong to one show, or have they been reprised in another?


When an actor who makes a name for themselves or becomes a regular on a television show, it's sometimes strange to see that actor portray another character on a different show. Whether it's a guest appearance role or a different recurring role, it can be difficult to see an actor not in their best-known-for role. 

Sometimes, their character from a best known series is so popular, that actor appears in another show as the same character! Crossover can play a big part in a series, depending how it's framed. It could be in the same "universe" or it could simply be a funny segment for the sole purpose of some laughs! 

Below are several well known actors portraying some of their best known characters. Do you know if these actors ever played the same role on another series? 

  1. Did Alan Hale Jr. ever play The Skipper on a show other than Gilligan's Island?
  2. Did Lorne Greene ever play Ben Cartwright on another TV show?
  3. Did Martin Milner ever play the role of Pete Malloy on a series other than Adam-12?
  4. Did Don Knotts play the role of Barney Fife on anything other than The Andy Griffith Show?
  5. Did Mr. T ever play his role of B.A. Baracus on a show other than The A-Team?
  6. Did Dick Van Dyke ever reprise the role of Rob Petrie on another show?
  7. Was the role of Gil Favor, played by Eric Fleming, ever portrayed on a TV other than Rawhide?
  8. We know Pete Malloy popped up in shows other than Adam-12, but what about Kent McCord's character Jim Reed?
  9. Did Mike Connors play the role of Joe Mannix outside of the TV series Mannix?
  10. Did Irene Ryan ever play Granny on a show not named The Beverly Hillbillies?

Did these actors ever play the same character on another show?

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richardkel 20 months ago
9/10. Missed #9. Haven't watched too much Mannix.
Anonymous 20 months ago
#2 is wrong. Lorne Greene reprised his Ben Cartwright role in the Scooby-Doo mysteries...Actually so did Don Knotts and Barney Fife as well!
richardkel Anonymous 20 months ago
I guess I interpreted the concept of the quiz differently from you. You're referring to a cartoon series where the actors voiced the characters they played in their TV shows. I thought the idea was that the actor actually appeared in another show playing the part of their original character. Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones both featured the voices of several stars portraying their roles from other shows. For example there was a Flintstones episode about the Cartrocks and another about Samantha from Bewitched. There were many others, but those two just came to me right away.
Pastorgman 20 months ago
10/10 - Some were dead giveaways, but then again I probably should have played outside more! LoL!
Mistertelvison 20 months ago
They surprise me and I had some kind of known it but not sure
Bad_Pizza 20 months ago
7/10 - I had no idea what I was doing!
BorisK 20 months ago
9/10 ... I seriously wathced too much television as a kid.
daDoctah 20 months ago
Martin Milner and Kent McCord also appeared as Reed and Malloy on several episodes of "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". They couldn't keep from breaking up laughing trying to deliver their lines, so the show just included a bunch of their outtakes.
cperrynaples daDoctah 20 months ago
Yes, and MeTV even played them in a promo!
richardkel daDoctah 20 months ago
I forgot about that. A great show. Very funny. Even the regular stars would occasionally crack up, but they just kept the cameras rolling.
Zip 20 months ago
Only one I knew for sure was The Skipper. I loved that episode of ALF.
cperrynaples 20 months ago
10/10! and comments: Knotts technically appeared as Barney on The Joey Bishop Show! Also, NAGS is not quite kosher: While George Lindsey did play a "Goober" and Paul Hartman did play an "Emmett", Knotts' character wasn't identified as "Barney"! The pilot is on YouTube, check it out! Also, both 1 & 6 played their characters in reunion specials! Hale in fact did 3 GI movies as well as Back To The Beach! And would you believe Granny sang on The Hollywood Palace? That's on YouTube as well!
daDoctah cperrynaples 20 months ago
George Lindsay got billed as "Goober" for years afterward. After appearing as the character in both The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD, he became a regular on Hee Haw.

That'd be another interesting quiz: actors who adopted their characters' names for themselves beyond the original movie or series the character came from. I recall Al Lewis fighting to get his name listed as "Grandpa Al Lewis" on the ballot when he ran for governor of New York, and Danny Bonaduce being billed as "Danny Partridge" when we did a stint as a radio DJ.
cperrynaples daDoctah 20 months ago
Yes, some actors are really known only for one role! Lindsay definitely played Goober on Gomer Pyle and he might as well have played him on MASH!
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