Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Bonanza?

There's a stranger wandering around the Ponderosa.

Image: The Everett Collection

There's an unfamiliar face pokin' around the Ponderosa. The folks in Virginia City have spotted this stranger, too.

But we need you to root 'em out!

The sheriff had everyone write down their name. Take a look at the list and see if you can spot the intruder! Which of these people is NOT a character on Bonanza?

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  1. Which of these people is a total stranger to the Ponderosa and Virginia City?
Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Bonanza?

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Geronimo 2 months ago
I found the right Cartwright!
TVJunkie 3 months ago
She came much later so as to found Ponderosa Centauri.
CruiseGirl4Life 5 months ago
The only way Angela would have been a Bonanza Cartwright woman and lived beyond one episode, is if she had been a long lost relative from the old country. Love a Cartwright man, but never marry one, it will not end well!
ndebrabant 6 months ago
You found the right person!
It's Angela Cartwright! She's the actress who played Penny Robinson on Lost in Space! Though she sure sounds related…
stephaniestavropoulos 6 months ago
EUREKA! Didn't take me long either to find out "Which of these people, is not like the other, which one is different, do you know?" Yes, I knew. Is it me, or is this quiz not as long as the others? I seem to recall suggestions that METV should shorten the length of choices.
Bret 6 months ago
I finally got one of this style quiz right!
teire 6 months ago
Ok, that was pretty funny.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
REALLY? I figured it out in 2 seconds! Honestly, does MeTV believe we never read the opening credits? Angela has had 2 shows on the channel: LIS as well as Make Room For Daddy, and she was also one of the Von Trapp girls!
Did Make Room For Daddy air on METV at one time? I only remember it being on COZI TV {Which it still is.}
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