Can you tell the difference between 1960s NFL quarterbacks and TV cowboys?

Was he on TV or a QB?

In the 1960s, millions of American boys dreamed of becoming either a quarterback or a cowboy. Is it any wonder that the Cowboys became "America's team?" 

TV cowboys and NFL QBs had a lot in common. At least, their names sounded similar. 

See if you can spot the difference between a character in a cowboy hat and a professional athlete wearing a helmet.

Try to score in the double digits!

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  1. Bart Starr?
  2. Bart Maverick?
  3. Rowdy Yates?
  4. Y.A. Tittle?
  5. Buck Cannon?
  6. Quint Asper?
  7. Jelly Hoskins?
  8. Milt Plum?
  9. Sonny Jurgensen?
  10. Norm Snead?
  11. Heath Barkley?
  12. Harkness "Mushy" Mushgrove III?
  13. Dick Shiner?
  14. Cooper Smith?
  15. Earl Morrall?

Can you tell the difference between 1960s NFL quarterbacks and TV cowboys?

Your Result...

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Mike 5 months ago
13/15 I can't believe I missed those !
JuneMiller 28 months ago
Quint Asper was not a cowboy ;)
LRWilliams JuneMiller 27 months ago
Yes he was on Gunsmoke played byBurt Reynolds
ndebrabant 28 months ago

You got 15 out of 15
With trivia skills like that, you're ready for the Pro Bowl. Of TV Trivia. If that was a thing.
Terrence 32 months ago
Not bad for someone who rarely watches TV cowboys........................12/15
nerakr 33 months ago
14/15. Not bad considering I'm neither a western fan nor a football fan.
Terrence nerakr 32 months ago
You're just a guesser.................hehe
james 33 months ago
15/15 love sports and western shows about even
Terrence 34 months ago
Not bad............................12/15
Wiseguy 34 months ago
Got 11/15. Any name I didn't recognize, I chose quarterback. Unfortunately, I don't care for Westerns any more than I care for football.
gatorgirl 34 months ago
great old qbs -back when the nfl was worth watching...........unlike today when players disrespect our flag and country and still get to play,
RobCertSDSCascap gatorgirl 34 months ago
True fans are still watching. This is not the place for political shots.
Besides, MY team won for the first time in 635 days last month and
I am not wasting the joy!
pony gatorgirl 34 months ago
Respectfully disagree gatorgirl. It's my opinion that it is the ultimate respect to embrace our freedom of expression to challenge our country to truly be one nation "with liberty and justice for ALL." Anyway, for those who are offended (or who disagree, which of course is your/their right) - just tune in a few minutes late and move on.
gatorgirl 34 months ago
This comment has been removed.
jerischopp gatorgirl 34 months ago
Totally agree with you! Can't believe they get to play
Gee, by any chance could you be a Browns fan?!?! I can you one better, my favorite baseball team took 108 years to be champs again! I'm sorry my sister wasn't here to see it.
Mark 34 months ago
15 out of 15. Too easy! Several football Hall of Famers were in that batch.
Jacqueline05478 34 months ago
14/15. Very good considering I don't like football.
Jeffrey 34 months ago
I got 10 out of 15 correct!
Barry22 34 months ago
Missed #7. Down here in Sofl, Earl Morrall was a legend. You neglected to say he also played for the Miami Dolphins. In 1972 (The Perfect season) when Bob Griese went down with an injury, Morrall stepped in and won a lot of games. Griese came back in time for the playoffs. Met Morrall several times, nice guy. he was also well-known (down here at least) for having a house that looked like a flying saucer.
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