Which TV genre do you actually like more, comedy or drama?

Let your inner TV fan channel surf for a bit.

Comedy or drama? The biggest TV fans know you don't have to choose. 

There have been incredible shows that skew both ways in TV history, but for that same reason, it can become difficult to be sure: Which genre do you actually prefer?

Answer a few short questions below and we think we can reveal what your inner TV fan really thinks. Did we get yours right?
  1. Pick a show from the 1950s:
  2. Pick a show from the 1960s:
  3. Pick a show from the 1970s:
  4. Pick a show from the 1980s:
  5. Pick a show from the 1990s:
  6. Pick a show about a workplace:
  7. Which season of Lost in Space do you think was better?
  8. Who’s your favorite character on The Andy Griffith Show?
  9. Tell us what you liked most about M*A*S*H:
  10. Which TV genre do YOU think you prefer?

Which TV genre do you actually like more, comedy or drama?

Your Result...

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Snickers 24 months ago
More of a sci-fi fan but got drama.
Rickey 58 months ago
You got Comedy!
Surprise! The laughs got you
guest2020 67 months ago
This quiz reminds me of the recent study that says parents never quit worrying about their kids, no matter how old they get, rather pointless.
pony 67 months ago
Okay, seriously? You're going to ask me what I like, and then TELL me what I like?
EdCaf pony 67 months ago
I know...you answer a dozen questions and the last one asks you if you like comedy...you say yes...then they tell you you like comedy!
CruiseGirl4Life 67 months ago
Drama Queen ... Western Drama Queen!
bobb9343 67 months ago
MeTV has a good mix of comedy and drama. Glad In The Heat of the Night came back; forgot how much I enjoyed that show.
suzannahnoelle bobb9343 67 months ago
LOVE "In the Heat Of the Night". Love Lonnie Jamison.
DiannaAllison 67 months ago
I hated the idea of having to pick something from the andy griffith show when I never watched it, and in the 1970's I was watching Battlestar Galactica.
JeanInTN 67 months ago
I got drama, which is correct. I wish MeTV would show more drama shows in prime time instead of all sitcoms. My favorite sitcoms are the ones which also have a little bit of drama in the plot. I would like to see the original Hawaii 5-0, Combat, and Five O'clock High all brought back to MeTV - at a decent time when people can actually watch them. I would also like to see more old western dramas. Tombstone Territory is a show which I remember from my childhood but I can't remember anything about the characters, so I would love to see that one again.
DIGGER1 67 months ago
You got Comedy!
Surprise! The laughs got you.
Lucyneenah19701 67 months ago
They said that I got comedy. They're right. My favorite TV genre is comedy!
Barry22 67 months ago
The choices for the 70's shows had me pondering. I did not like any of them.
Duc 67 months ago
You got Comedy!

SNEAK PEEK: Are these 1990s TV show titles real or fake?

Will & Grace

A. Real
B. Fake

Answer: Real. The show existed from 1998-2006 and again from 2017-present.
cperrynaples Duc 67 months ago
You have a good idea, but chose a bad example to demonstrate it. You're supposed to use one-season flops no one remembers! It's sorta like doing a 50's version and leading off with I Love Lucy instead of I Married Joan [REAL!].
Now who's showing a "bad example?!?! Gee, why am I not surprised?!?! I Married Joan was not a one season flop. It ran for 3 seasons: 1952-1955.
Yes, I knew IMJ was not a one-season flop, but neither is WAG!
ndebrabant 67 months ago
You got Comedy!
Surprise! The laughs got you.
teire 67 months ago
Comedy comedy comedy
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