Can you name all of these Bonanza characters?

Puttin' the "ponder" in Ponderosa.

Welcome to the Ponderosa! The Cartwrights kindly welcome strangers to their ranch. The folks in nearby Virginia City are good folk, too. 

That's why we always love spending time with Bonanza. It feels like the characters are family. Extended family, at least.

So, think you can name these familiar faces? Good luck!

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  1. We all know and love Hoss. But what is his given name?
  2. He has a sweet name.
  3. This sheriff has a name you might associate with breakfast.
  4. Speaking of food, what is the name of the Cartwrights' cook?
  5. The dashing Guy Williams of 'Lost in Space' plays this Cartwright.
  6. As the badge proclaims, this here is the deputy. But what is his name?
  7. What is the name of this feller? The young man, not the horse.
  8. Ben Cartwright adopts this redhead.
  9. Recognize this excited man?
  10. Finally, these three men all played a character named…?

Can you name all of these Bonanza characters?

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OldHollywood 10 months ago
Wow! First time I got 10 out of 10!
Cowgirl 41 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Smile! You know your stuff!
I love Bonanza and wish Pernell Roberts had not left the series.
ndebrabant 47 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Smile! You know your stuff!
Terrence 51 months ago
Last question was tough..........................9/10
Pegs 52 months ago
After getting 12/12 on the TV Stars/Characters quiz, I come over to the Bonanza quiz (piece of cake!) & get 5/10. Hmmm. Must be time to start dinner. ;-)
leebilly 52 months ago
Was not easy, 10 0f 10 correct. 😐👩👨
leebilly 52 months ago
10 correct out of 10, need new quizes
bobb9343 53 months ago
Not proud of 7 for 10, so I'm not smiling.
Jeffrey 53 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 -----------------Smile! You know your stuff!
Nitrocellulose1 53 months ago
Oops, they directed me to the wrong article.
Nitrocellulose1 53 months ago
Dwayne "King" Pride (N.C.I.S. New Orleans) is the first person I think of for Louisiana.
CatMomWanda 53 months ago
6/10. I guess not bad since I don't remember watching the show.
Terrence 53 months ago
Not bad for someone who does not watch Bonanza a lot...........................8/10
AgingDisgracefully 53 months ago
Bonanza...perhaps one day I'll watch an episode.
Dale 53 months ago
Got 9 of 10. Only missed # 10 on the Doctor. Could have sworn it was Wilson. I thought they were trying to trick people with a familiar reference to the Doc Martin on PBS.
Jeffrey Dale 53 months ago
I got #10 wrong also!! 9 out of 10 for me.
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