Can you sing all the lyrics to the Happy Days theme song?

Try not to bomb this "pop" quiz!


Happy Days is the rare TV show to have its theme song reach the Top 5 on the pop charts. Actually, the sitcom technically had two theme songs complete that feat. Pratt & McLain's version of "Happy Days" rocketed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. 

This tune had replaced "Rock Around the Clock," the first theme song heard in the Happy Days credits. That classic rock & roll tune was once a No. 1. 

You've seen the opening credits countless times. Let's see how well you can remember the lyrics — all of them!

  1. The theme begins with singing the days of the week — but which day of the week is the first word in the song?
  2. Fill in the blank:
    "The weekend comes, my ______ hums"
  3. "Ready to ______ to you"
  4. "These days are ours / Happy and _______"
  5. "These days are ours / _______ them with me"
  6. "Goodbye ______ sky, hello blue"
  7. "'Cause nothin' can _______ me when I hold you"
  8. "It feels so right, it can't be wrong / Rockin' and rollin' all _______ long"
  9. And don't forget the rest of the full version:
    "________, what a day / Groovin' all week with you!"
  10. "Hello sunshine, goodbye _______"
  11. "She's wearin' my ______ ______ on a chain"
  12. "She's my _______, I'm her man / I'm gonna love her all I can"
  13. Of course, "Happy Days" was not the first theme used! The sitcom began with Bill Haley & The Comets' "Rock Around the Clock." See if you can fill in these blanks from that 1955 hit:
    "Put your ______ ______ on and join me hon'!"
  14. "We'll have some fun when the clock strikes _______"

Can you sing all the lyrics to the Happy Days theme song?

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laney_mc2 43 months ago
13/14 almost got it! I missed number 13. I’m not too bright on Rock Around the Clock.
hannahcc07 43 months ago
14/14 me and my sisters have watched this show so many times we are pros😂
Jeffrey 44 months ago
''You got 13 out of 14'' -----------Aaaayyy! You made that look easy. Missed number 8, I knew it was week but hit day by accident.
SheriHeffner 44 months ago
14 out of 14. I have watched every episode of Happy Days and know all the words from every year.
frenchman71 44 months ago
11/14. I wish they had left "Rock Around the Clock" as their theme song.
AllisonWunderland 44 months ago
14/14...Wow, that screen couldn't scroll fast enough 😂 I believe that's the quickest I've ever finished one of these quizzes 😎
QueenTone 44 months ago
Love this show. Have never got to watch all the episodes and remember them all the way through all the seasons until now. Chachi Arcola and Arthur Fonzarelli, wow wow wow!!!!😉☺😁
TheDavBow3 44 months ago
10/14. I know Rock Around The Clock lyrics better than Happy Days Theme.
Runeshaper 44 months ago
10/14 - got the them song right, but most of the additional questions got me lol :)
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