Can you find the one Don Knotts image that is NOT Barney Fife?

Where is Knotts not playing Fife?

Though Don Knotts will forever be known as Barney Fife, he played many other funny roles both before and after The Andy Griffith Show. He was in other great sitcoms, hilarious movies, and even commercials!

Here are 12 images of Don Knotts. Eleven of them show him playing Barney Fife.

Can you find the one that is NOT Barney Fife?

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  1. Which one of these images is NOT Barney Fife?

Can you find the one Don Knotts image that is NOT Barney Fife?

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lmahabhashyam 7 days ago
Got the first try the glasses were the dead giveaway Barney never wore glasses.
frances3agape 11 days ago
Got it on the 2nd try.
Although I did think both chosen photos were from THE INCREDIBLE MR LIMPET movie
MikeyMello 13 days ago
That was tough for me. I got it though!!
dodgebob 13 days ago
Got it on the last try, I crack me up.
frances3agape dodgebob 11 days ago
Kudos for not giving up until the end !
dodgebob frances3agape 11 days ago
That's what my wife says, I aspire to persevere.
wbyassee 13 days ago
Got it on the first try. Didn't know it was from Dobie Gillis but I knew it wasn't Barney Fife. To easy.
DoubleNaughtSpy 13 days ago
No doubt about it.

Don Knotts is to MeTV as Jerry Lewis is to France.

And both are completely inexplicable events.
olddogg 13 days ago
I thought the picture was from "The Amazing Mr. Limpett".
frances3agape olddogg 11 days ago
I should have read your comment before I posted same
cwboyfan56 13 days ago
Nailed it. The solid bow tie was the dead giveaway.
AhHa. I thought the glasses were
FatOlBroad 16 days ago
That is NOT Barney Fife! You found it!
That's Don Knotts in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis as the father of one of Dobie's loves.
BustaNutter1 17 days ago
I guessed correctly the first time but I thought it was Don from the haunted house movie he made. Can't remember the name of it.
Tammy BustaNutter1 16 days ago
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?
Mr Ghost or somthing like that??
grains01 17 days ago
Actually, I thought it was Henry Limpet
Phantasium grains01 16 days ago
Same here.
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