Can you fill in the blanks to The A-Team opening monologue?

Do you know the backstory of the ‘soldiers of fortune?’

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A-Team Producer and Narrator John Ashley makes a cameo on the show!
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Before the compilation of explosions, flipped vehicles and airplane maneuvers, most A-Team episodes start with a description of the Team’s history, told by narrator John Ashley.

The intense, yet steady voice moderates over the beat of a snare drum, while the sound of chopper blades hum in the background.

Up until the fifth and final season, when the opening credits were altered with a new montage of clips and a slightly altered theme song, the opening monologue played during every episode.

Theme songs have been an integral part of television series for decades, and as soon as you hear this action-packed anthem play, you know an episode of The A-Team is on.

Without hearing it play, can you fill in these blanks to the opening monologue?

  1. "______ years ago"
  2. "a ______ commando unit"
  3. "was sent to ____"
  4. "by a ______ court…."
  5. "for a(n) _____ they didn’t commit."
  6. "These men _____ escaped from a maximum security _____"
  7. "to the ________ underground."
  8. "Today, still wanted by the ________,"
  9. "they ______ as soldiers of fortune."
  10. "If you have a _____,"
  11. "if no one else can _______,"
  12. "and if you can ____ them,"
  13. "maybe you can _____ The A-Team."

Can you fill in the blanks to The A-Team opening monologue?

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