How well do you remember the two-part M*A*S*H episode ‘Bug Out’?

Does the 4077th actually 'Bug Out'?


By the fifth season of M*A*S*H the beloved characters of Lieutenant Colonel Blake and Captain Trapper had already been gone for a full season, while characters like Captain B.J. Hunnicutt and Colonel Potter were well solidified.

The huge changes from season three to four took everyone by surprise, pulling on the heartstrings while it happened.

There was still a lot that would happen in the series, with a full seven seasons left at the start of season five. In the fifth season we see Margaret get engaged and Frank Burns make his last on-screen appearance.

Before any of those storylines could play out, the two-part first episode titled “Bug Out” had to take place. The season five premier hit the air for the first time on Sept. 21, 1976.

How well do you remember the two-part episode that launched the fifth season of M*A*S*H?

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  1. Hawkeye and Hunnicutt are watching other members of the unit dig big holes. What are they digging?
  2. Who initially tells Radar that the 4077th will have to bug out, meaning they’ll have to look for a new base as enemies approach?
  3. With rumors of a bug out swirling, who does Col. Potter call to see if an attack on the 4077th is imminent?
  4. Fresh off telling the 4077th is not bugging out, Potter receives a note saying the unit IS bugging out. How long do they have to move?
  5. Who goes in the helicopter to scout for a new base location?
  6. What is this woman’s name, who serves Hawkeye and Radar their drinks before they leave for the new 4077th post?
  7. What does she call Hawkeye when he and Radar enter the bar?
  8. When Col. Potter and Hunnicutt arrive to a building they hope will be the new operating room, several women are already there. What makes them leave?
  9. The women reveal that they already know General Irving R. Hamilton by saying his nickname. What is the nickname?
  10. Frank Burns demands that nothing other than Army equipment will be brought to the new camp. Despite that, Klinger brings dresses while Hawkeye and Hunnicutt bring the alcohol still. What does Radar bring?

How well do you remember the two-part M*A*S*H episode ‘Bug Out’?

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Eerlandd 21 months ago
Love it the best tv show ever!!
KevinButler 22 months ago
More often than not? some scenes and dialogue is cut from"The Bug Out" scene is where"Col.Potter"says to "Capt.Hunnicutt".."Hunnicutt..If I ever get shot and I need surgery?(This is in reference to "Major Burns")don't ever let him touch me"..When The colonel asks"Where the hell did he get that whistle?".."B.J."replies.."The same place that he got his medical degree and diploma..from inside of box of Cracker Jacks".
RichLorn 22 months ago
A shack full of prostitutes and "bugging out". There's a joke in there somewhere.
STTOS 22 months ago
You got 8 out of 10 - At least you didn’t fall into the latrine like Major Burns! While that is pretty good, I really thought I would ace it. Missed #s 3 and 4. Man this is gonna BUG me!!. Bug me...get it? :)
JulieTV 22 months ago
'You got 8 out of 10'' ----At least you didn't fall into the latrine like Major Burns!
JeffPaul76 22 months ago
''You got 8 out of 10'' ----At least you didn't fall into the latrine like Major Burns!
Bob 22 months ago
10/10, but I just watched it again yesterday.
NickG 22 months ago
9 of 10. not bad, but I thought Rosie said Hi Hawkeye
wanderer2575 22 months ago
"Hear me, oh Lord..."

"The Padre does a single!"
Mistertelvison 22 months ago
Well I'm pretty good at knowing Mash and I still watch Mash on T V Land and on TBS goo
LoveMETV22 22 months ago
There were several other episodes beside the Season Five episodes aptly named " Bug Out", where the 4077th was seen bugging out. Guess they got some good practice in that area.
Moody LoveMETV22 22 months ago
Most military units are well practiced in "bugging out". It's not a term that the Air Force used but some units I was assigned to had to know how to pack up & leave quickly & orderly. We even did it in the middle of the night several times which isn't fun. The Army called those night leaps.
Anonymous 22 months ago
So Radar didn't bring his Teddy Bear? Not likely is it?!
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