Can you complete the names of these extinct restaurant chains?

This quiz will put the Mmm in Hmmm.

Restaurant chains come and go. The ones that disappear are not necessarily failures, either. Some bygone restaurant chains once spread across these great United States. After decades of dishing out family grub, they faded away.

Below, you will find a dozen incomplete restaurant chains from the past. All you have to do is fill in the blank. 

One catch: Find the missing word represented with the correct picture.

Good luck — and try not to get hungry!
  1. At its peak in the 1970s, this chain had nearly 400 locations. It was called the Red ______?
  2. Not to be confused with Burger King, this chain was the home of the Funburger. It was called Burger ______?
  3. Kids came to play the games at ShowBiz ______ Place?
  4. You could get British grub at Arthur Treacher's ______ & Chips?
  5. This chain was based in California and once quite big on the West Coast: Pup 'N' ______?
  6. This chain still thrives in Michigan, though it was once everywhere when owned by Marriot. It's known as Big ______?
  7. This chain was once common in mall parking lots across the land: ______ and Ale?
  8. This burger chain was named for a popular Popeye character. It was initially known as ______ Grills?
     Images: Warner Home Video / King Features Syndicate
  9. This burger chain was known for its birch beer and sliders. It was called Royal ______?
  10. You can complete the name of this 1970s–80s restaurant chain with the FIRST WORD of a certain MeTV show. It was called Beefsteak ______?
  11. Complete the name of this chicken joint with a beloved country star. It was ______ _______ Roasters?
  12. One of the first restaurant chains was an "automat" cafeteria called ______ & Hardart?

Can you complete the names of these extinct restaurant chains?

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Miss_Kitty 16 months ago
12/12.....mostly guessing and elimination. Just saying a name with each option, if I didn't know it, I got it based on how the name sounded
DerekBird 33 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Fast thinking! You're in business!

I'd only heard of 5 of them.
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