What TV wedding dress is perfect for you?

Something old, something new...

Just about every classic TV show has featured a wedding at some point. Maybe it was a series finale, or a moment we all waited for as the main characters kept us on the edge of our seats with their "will they or won't they?"

While sure, the scenes may be heartwarming, we all know the best part of a wedding episode is finding out what the bride is going to wear. Maybe you've already had your dream wedding, but we're going to let you plan it again, just so you can find out what classic TV bridal gown is just for you.
  1. How big is the guest list?
  2. What jewelry will you wear?
  3. What shoes will you pair with your dress?
  4. Where's the wedding happening?
  5. Pick your favorite bouquet.
  6. The wedding's over! What's the dinner situation now?
  7. Time for cake! What looks best?
  8. Time for your first dance. What's the song?
  9. How are you getting home?
  10. Hope you rested up, because it's time for the honeymoon! Where to?

What TV wedding dress is perfect for you?

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idkwut2use 17 months ago
'Nother one for Carol Brady's!
ndebrabant 46 months ago

You got Carol Brady's yellow dress
Who says a wedding dress has to be white? You have no qualms about rocking your favorite color down the aisle.
Amalthea 46 months ago
Carol Brady's yellow dress? Um, ew. No thank you. I HATE yellow.
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