The big, huge Beverly Hillbillies quiz

Are you an expert on the Clampetts?

The Beverly Hillbillies was one of the surprise hits of the Sixties. Nobody could have predicted that this rags-to-riches sitcom would become one of the true pop culture phenomenons of the decade. The show was a hit as soon as the Clampetts arrived in Beverly Hills on day one. It lasted for nine seasons, from 1962–1971. 

Today, the Clampetts are household names. We can all sing along that infectious theme song. "Texas tea… Swimming pools!"

So let's put your Beverly Hillbillies knowledge to the test. Can you strike it rich and answer 20/30 correctly?

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  1. How did the Clampetts get rich?
  2. What is the name of the unforgettable theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies?
  3. As Elly May Clampett, Donna Douglas became a fashion icon for wearing a rope belt with what?
  4. What was the name of the Clampett's dog?
  5. Were there more black-and-white episodes or color episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies?
  6. What is Granny's real name?
  7. What is Jethro's last name?
  8. Which television show was NOT related to The Beverly Hillbillies?
  9. What was the name of Elly May's mother and Jed's deceased wife?
  10. Which bluegrass duo recorded the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies — and appeared on the show?
  11. What was the name of Mr. Drysdale's secretary, portrayed by Nancy Kulp?
  12. What was the name of Mr. Drysdale's bank?
  13. What was Mr. Drysdale's first name?
  14. In the episode "The Giant Jackrabbit," what exactly was "the giant jackrabbit"?
  15. In "Super Hawg," what animal did Granny mistake for a "super hog"?
  16. The Beverly Hillbillies was the No. 1 show on television for two of its seasons. Which seasons?
  17. Jed inherits a castle in what country?
  18. Buddy Ebsen was almost cast in The Wizard of Oz as which iconic character?
  19. The legendary Hollywood star appeared in the episode "The Indians Are Coming." He asked to be paid with a fifth of bourbon.
  20. What are the names of Elly May's chimps?
  21. What was the funny name of the handsome Hollywood actor portrayed by Larry Pennell?
  22. This model and actress played the character Janet Trego, who worked at the bank.
  23. In its pilot episode, The Beverly Hillbillies originally had a slightly different title. What was it?
  24. Sadly, Irene Ryan was not alive to reprise her part of Granny in the 1981 TV movie 'Return of the Beverly Hillbillies.' In her place, this actress was cast to play Granny's "maw."
  25. Buddy Ebsen appeared in the 1993 movie remake of The Beverly Hillbillies. Oddly, he did not play a Clampett. Who did he play?
  26. What was the name of the oil company that gave the Clampetts their millions?
  27. What kind of vehicle was the Clampett's famous truck?
  28. In the episode "Hoe Down a Go-Go," what was the real rock & roll band that appeared and played on the show?
  29. In the season nine episode "The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett," Granny reveals that her hometown is the real town of…?
  30. Finally, how many total episodes were there of The Beverly Hillbillies?

The big, huge Beverly Hillbillies quiz

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Coldnorth 18 months ago
28/30. Got the last 2 wrong. I hit the wrong one accidentally. I knew how many episodes but didn’t know where granny was from. I don’t remember ever hearing it on the show
country46 33 months ago
got 23 that makes me related to Duke and Jed
Larry_B 47 months ago
You got 23 out of 30
You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts.
JuneMiller 48 months ago
"You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts." My maiden name was Clement. I got referred to as "Clampett" a LOT by many classmates. It was better than some of the other nicknames that were used ;)
Joe 48 months ago
DarioWiter 48 months ago
29 out of 30; got No. 29 wrong. 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Hounddoggy 52 months ago
My only regret is that I wasn’t old enough to vote for Granny for Possum Queen!!🤓
RedSamRackham 62 months ago
Beverly Hillbillies jumped the shark with those Shorty Kellums episodes. ♣
TonyTidwell 62 months ago
30 out of 30, I am a Hillbilly Historian!!!
JuneMiller 62 months ago
You got 24 out of 30
You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts. My maiden name is Clement. I got called Clampett a LOT by other students ;)
StevenThompson 62 months ago
MISTER ED is, in fact, related to THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES in that Irene Ryan appears on one episode as Granny. She's never specifically named, but it's clear that's who she's playing!
TonyTidwell StevenThompson 62 months ago
Your right, Irene Ryan appeared in Season 6 Episode 5 of the "Mr Ed" show in 1965 called "Love and the Single Horse", in the end credits she was only listed as herself. The clothes she wore gave the appearance of Dasie Mae Moses and the way she talked and how she mentioned doctoring Wilbur Post also hints to her Granny character. The best way this can be explained is that in 1962 Wilbur Post lived at 17230 Valley Spring Road in the Hidden Valley and in 1966 The Clampettes had just moved into their place at 750 Bel Air Road in Beverly Hills. The two addresses are only 24 to 39 minutes apart. Mr. Ed being a horse would not have wanted to arouse too much suspicion so the musuem would have been close to his home. Granny being new to the area could have been visiting the museum when she came upon Wilbur and Mr. Ed. The clincher would have been if Jed or someone else from the family had stepped in to grab Granny for a slpit second, that would have made a great little segway.
WILD 62 months ago
You got 26 out of 30
You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts.
EllisClevenger 66 months ago
You got 26 out of 30
You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts.
EllisClevenger 68 months ago
You got 24 out of 30
You struck it rich! Shucks, you're practically related to the Clampetts.
Wow. I knew more about this show than I thought.
Jethro 68 months ago
Got 29. Did not know the band. My mom’s family was all from the Ozarks and East Tennessee. We weren’t merely in on the joke... great show.
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