Are these Survivor contestants or members of the band Survivor?

It's a TV Show vs a Musical Act!

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This one's a little weird, so bear with us.

There is a show called Survivor. There is also a band called Survivor. Remember them? They sang "Eye of the Tiger" for Rocky III.

Chances are you're not familiar with all the names involved in either. So, you'll probably have to guess on a lot of these. 

We want to know if you can guess which of these names belong to Survivor contestants. Similarly, which of them are (past or present) members of the band Survivor? 

Good luck! And be sure to share your score in the comments section below!

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  1. Parvati Shallow
  2. Jeremy Collins
  3. Jim Peterik
  4. Tony Vlachos
  5. Dave Bickler
  6. Gary Smith
  7. Jimi Jamison
  8. Dee Valladares
  9. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  10. Kyle Woodring

Are these Survivor contestants or members of the band Survivor?

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SammyBoy86 8 days ago
9/10 I don’t even watch Survivor… I just watched when it first started and maybe a few episodes in the early seasons..
Tanisha32 9 days ago
10/10 I've watched Survivor from the beginning but unfortunately now I'm not as much of a fan. The show is starting to suck bad.
BradBeall 11 days ago
Wasn't the TV show "Survivor" (along with "Temptation Island" and a few others) first aired as a band-aid to cover the lack of scripts and other written material needed for TV shows during the television & movie writer's strike back around 2000? Personally, I've never seen more than 10 minutes of the show, nor do I know anyone who has, but I really, truly hope that Me-TV isn't trying to spin this show into it's regular line-up. But hey, the band "Survivor" wasn't too awful. I guess they were better than what's referred to as "music" nowadays.
Moverfan 14 days ago
Nine out of ten.
Not bad when you remember all I know about the band is the song Eye Of The Tiger and I think the TV show is a moron movie.
MeFanFromSavan 14 days ago
9/10. Only recognized two band member names, never watched tv show, all the rest were guesses.
Zip 15 days ago
The wife and I have been watching all the old seasons of Survivor for a while now. Some we've seen and don't remember, and some we missed when they were first run..
CortneyNicole 16 days ago
8/10 I did pretty good! I've been watching Survivor quite often and I heard the 80's song called Eye of the Tiger. I didn't know that some members are not a contestant or in a band called Survivor. But It makes a difference between a band or a show lol
sjbang88 18 days ago
9/12 never heard of the band Survivor
Think "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky III. They did that song and another from around that era called "Caught in the Game" that is worth checking out.
Caught in the Game was a pretty good song AND album...just not hits! But those who think Survivor was a OHW are quite mistaken They were one of the prototypical Power Pop bands in the mid-80s with a string of Top 20 (and MOSTLY Top 10) hits! Can't Hold Back...High on You...Burning Heart..Is This Love? And, arguably, the greatest power ballad of all time - The Search is Over... Of course, EOTT is iconic! First four notes and I'm hooked!!!
Bapa1 18 days ago
Not even gonna try. Never watched Survivor. Only named I knew was Jimi Jamison, because I saw him in the early 2000s with a group called RPM. (Rock and pop Masters). He wrote and sang the Baywatch theme. And some beer commercial also.
Zip Bapa1 15 days ago
That Baywatch theme is a good tune! I love the drums at the end, and the piano work.
bradyguy Bapa1 13 days ago
Oops...SO close!! The Bud Light "Real American Heroes" and "Real Men of Genius" vocals were NOT sung by Jamison. They were sung by the ORIGINAL Lead Singer of Survivor...Dave Bickler.

Jamison joined when Bickler's vocal cord nodules forced him to do surgery and rest. Bickler is the vocalist on Eye of the Tiger and American Heartbeat...but Jamison was really solid too...and sings on all of Survivor's hits after "Tiger"...all of the hits from the Vital Signs album. They shared CO-lead vocals in the few years before Jamison died. Those would have been cool shows!!!
Peter_Falk_Fan 19 days ago
8/10 I knew three of the contestants and a couple of the band members. I stopped watching the show a couple of years ago.
MrsPhilHarris 19 days ago
6/10 I used to watch Survivor. Haven’t tuned in for years.
bmoore4026 19 days ago
7 out of 10. I was just randomly checking the boxes and got lucky.
tnminnow 19 days ago
6/10 I have seen Survivor in concert 3 times. They were great. 👁️ Of the 🐯
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